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  1. Yes, he was making little twitter like sounds.  I was sitting on my porch and saw him at the tree line first, and then he flew to a dwarf evergreen next to the porch.  I stayed where I was until he flew to the side yard.  I saw him first the day before and he did pretty much the same thing, except I was standing on the porch instead of sitting on the porch swing.  As far as being annoyed by my presence, I really didn't do anything to bother him.  I was still except for snapping pics.  

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  2. I have photographed a confirmed Rusty Blackbird a few years ago.  The photo was taken from a distance.   I have also seen a small flock of them in my yard but didn't have my camera to get a photo.   They basically looked alike.   Today I saw one and then a few minutes later it was joined by another that was more colorful and had lots of marking.   Sharing pics of both.  Could the other be a female Red-winged Blackbird?  

    45831639961_0252606aec_z.jpgIMG_6792 by Bama @DollyEverAfter, on Flickr

    45831642751_a931edf094_z.jpgIMG_6759 by Bama @DollyEverAfter, on Flickr

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