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  1. No, they are not the same bird I thought the first was a brown pelican, but I was not sure if there exists another type of pelican beyond brown and white. Kara
  2. Thank you so much. Sorry about the orientation of the picture! I was considering a Boat-Tailed grackle as a likely candidate. Kara
  3. Please help me identify this bird. I saw it at John Paul's Landing in Texas recently. I truly thank you all. Kara
  4. Thank you so much. Both those birds are in my range. I am near Kemah, Texas on the gulf coast about an hour outside of HOuston, TX. I truly appreciate your help. Kara
  5. Please help me identify these birds. I saw them on two recent weekends. The first bird I sawInd after looking at brochures I purchased from Armand Bayou, field guides I own, and the web, I still don't know. Kara
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