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  1. Second time in as many years this guy has fooled me....Excuse me while I go clean the egg off my face.....Thanks
  2. Today in Deming, NM. Seems like a Black Throated but the markings are confusing me. Thanks for your help.
  3. Good info Sneat, thanks. I'll keep looking and cross off the gilded lifer from Navajo County.
  4. Thank you friends, I've photo ID'ed the Red and Yellow shafted so this Guilded is a lifer for me.
  5. This morning Show Low, AZ This flicker afforded only one quick still shot and never allowed a view of it's wings in flight. Thanks for your help in ID'ing this one.
  6. Today, Blythe, CA Thanks for your help identifying. Looks like a Western Kingbird without the pale yellow.
  7. Don't know, Seanbirds, this guy didn't have a black hat.... I think I understand now....This is not the guy, it's his lady.... Thank you everyone for your help.
  8. Today in Earp, CA across the river from Parker, AZ Thanks for your help. Same bird.
  9. Yesterday in Blythe, CA I think this is a Vire. Fuzzy pic, sorryo ..... Thank you for your help.
  10. Today, Ehrenberg, AZ Thanks for your help.
  11. OK, thanks, I'm going with Red Winged Hawk......
  12. Today in Northern Michigan, Gaylord area. I don't think he's looking for seeds at the feeder. Thanks for your help with the ID.
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