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  1. Don't know, Seanbirds, this guy didn't have a black hat.... I think I understand now....This is not the guy, it's his lady.... Thank you everyone for your help.
  2. Today in Earp, CA across the river from Parker, AZ Thanks for your help. Same bird.
  3. Yesterday in Blythe, CA I think this is a Vire. Fuzzy pic, sorryo ..... Thank you for your help.
  4. Today, Ehrenberg, AZ Thanks for your help.
  5. OK, thanks, I'm going with Red Winged Hawk......
  6. Today in Northern Michigan, Gaylord area. I don't think he's looking for seeds at the feeder. Thanks for your help with the ID.
  7. This morning in Bay City, Michigan. Could this be a Sharp-shinned Hawk? Thanks for your help. Sorry for the fuzzy pics, they are screen shots from a camera video..
  8. I'm with you 100%, now that you've put me on the right path......Thanks
  9. My shy-of-knowledge guess would be Sandpiper but which one....? Hopefully an expert will jump in for the ID.
  10. This morning Gage, NM. Help with ID please. I have no idea. Thanks
  11. Thanks everyone...Putting pictures of each side by side and the answer sort of pops ya in the eye.....
  12. Thanks Charlie, let me give it another try.....
  13. This morning south of Gage, NM Elevation 4,200' There are Say's around here but this guy perched right out side of my window this morning for a photo op and to me he looks larger than the nesting Say's further up the mountain. Could this be a Cassin's Kingbird? Thanks for your help.
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