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  1. OK, thanks, I'm going with Red Winged Hawk......
  2. Today in Northern Michigan, Gaylord area. I don't think he's looking for seeds at the feeder. Thanks for your help with the ID.
  3. This morning in Bay City, Michigan. Could this be a Sharp-shinned Hawk? Thanks for your help. Sorry for the fuzzy pics, they are screen shots from a camera video..
  4. I'm with you 100%, now that you've put me on the right path......Thanks
  5. My shy-of-knowledge guess would be Sandpiper but which one....? Hopefully an expert will jump in for the ID.
  6. This morning Gage, NM. Help with ID please. I have no idea. Thanks
  7. Thanks everyone...Putting pictures of each side by side and the answer sort of pops ya in the eye.....
  8. Thanks Charlie, let me give it another try.....
  9. This morning south of Gage, NM Elevation 4,200' There are Say's around here but this guy perched right out side of my window this morning for a photo op and to me he looks larger than the nesting Say's further up the mountain. Could this be a Cassin's Kingbird? Thanks for your help.
  10. Being a forgetful octogenarian ain't easy....Thanks, yes, Goldfinch.
  11. This morning in Sierra Vista, AZ. I can see it's a seed-eater but don't know what family. That little black cap is confusing me. Thanks for your help.
  12. Yep....That's one I should have known....Thanks
  13. I've never seen such a variety of birds in one place but then I've never been in the springtime mountains. Today, Sierra Vista, Arizona Thank you for your help in ID'ing.
  14. How fun, and thanks, that makes two new photo lifer's for me today.
  15. Thanks Bird-Boys....I keep reading but keep coming up with Lesser Goldfinch. What's throwing me off.
  16. Today Sierra vista, Arizona. Lot's of birds out singing, calling in mates and building nests. Thanks for your ID help.
  17. Thank you.. 🙂 A photo lifer for me.
  18. This morning Sierra Vista, Arizona. Thanks for your help. Two pictures
  19. Sure and there are many of the easy to identify males.....Thanks
  20. Yesterday, Blythe, CA Is this possibly in the fly catcher family? Thanks for your help.
  21. Thanks folks, I'll get it yet......
  22. Today, Mesa, AZ I think this is a Cassin's Finch. Am I close? Thanks for your help.
  23. I thought if it was the Eastern Bewick's it would be out of range because it sure didn't look like the Western. Thank's for taking me to school.
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