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  1. Yep....That's one I should have known....Thanks
  2. I've never seen such a variety of birds in one place but then I've never been in the springtime mountains. Today, Sierra Vista, Arizona Thank you for your help in ID'ing.
  3. How fun, and thanks, that makes two new photo lifer's for me today.
  4. Thanks Bird-Boys....I keep reading but keep coming up with Lesser Goldfinch. What's throwing me off.
  5. Today Sierra vista, Arizona. Lot's of birds out singing, calling in mates and building nests. Thanks for your ID help.
  6. This morning Sierra Vista, Arizona. Thanks for your help. Two pictures
  7. Sure and there are many of the easy to identify males.....Thanks
  8. Yesterday, Blythe, CA Is this possibly in the fly catcher family? Thanks for your help.
  9. Thanks folks, I'll get it yet......
  10. Today, Mesa, AZ I think this is a Cassin's Finch. Am I close? Thanks for your help.
  11. I thought if it was the Eastern Bewick's it would be out of range because it sure didn't look like the Western. Thank's for taking me to school.
  12. This morning Mesa, AZ Bulldog Canyon Is this a Marsh Wren? Thanks for your help.
  13. It's all in how you whistle them in... ....Thanks Blackburian
  14. My thought too, though that would put them north, out of their natural range. Thanks
  15. Yesterday east of Mesa, AZ Bulldog Canyon. Is this a Double-cerested Cormorant? Tails seem a bit long. Thanks
  16. Thank you Charlie...."Right church wrong pew."
  17. Today, Blythe, CA. Common Rosefinch? Thanks for your help.
  18. Thank you friends, I'll get back on my meds now.
  19. Yesterday, a few miles north of Blythe, CA above the Colorado River. There were about 20 birds rising, circling in the morning, searching for a thermal, I suppose. Am I confusing this bird with what I believe is a Stork? Thanks for your help.
  20. This morning south of Quartzite, AZ in KOFA National Wildlife Refuge. Is this a Robin in the desert? Thank you.
  21. ID'ing isn't so easy as I thought. Here's another picture showing less pronounced white on tail and dark eye patch. And then I added another pic I pulled off the web. Still wondering but will go with the final decision of my eagle eye friends here...Thanks for your help.
  22. Today, south of Truth or Consequences, NM on Choalla Reservoir I got this shot of what I thought was a Say's Phoebe but when I got back and put it up on the computer I saw it wasn't a Say's... What a delight, another lifer, 3rd in two days. Happy duck here. It's not a Say's, right? :-)
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