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  1. This morning south of Quartzite, AZ in KOFA National Wildlife Refuge. Is this a Robin in the desert? Thank you.
  2. ID'ing isn't so easy as I thought. Here's another picture showing less pronounced white on tail and dark eye patch. And then I added another pic I pulled off the web. Still wondering but will go with the final decision of my eagle eye friends here...Thanks for your help.
  3. Today, south of Truth or Consequences, NM on Choalla Reservoir I got this shot of what I thought was a Say's Phoebe but when I got back and put it up on the computer I saw it wasn't a Say's... What a delight, another lifer, 3rd in two days. Happy duck here. It's not a Say's, right? :-)
  4. Today, south of Truth or Consequences, NM Caballo St Park Thought I had a Cliff Swallow until I got back and blew it up on the computer....Lucky to get this shot...Right light, and a quick trigger finger. Do I get my new lifer photo ID 🙂
  5. Researching a little further...Could this possibly be the Broad-tailed female?
  6. This morning Sierra Nevada, AZ Is this a Black-chinned female? Thanks for you help.
  7. This morning 25 miles north of Sierra Vista, AZ Eye color, feather pattern and bill are throwing me off of a positive ID...Help Thanks
  8. This morning, 25 miles north of Sierra Vista, AZ elevation 4,600 Is this a Ladder-backed or am I confusing it with something else. Thanks for the help.
  9. Thank you Ham, I'll take it, log it and try to remember it.
  10. Cleaning out my bird collection and found two I haven't ID'ed. Thanks for your help. #1 October 20th Wichita, Kansas Hawk ....... #2 December 15th Parker, Arizona Flycatcher?
  11. Thanks friends. I feel better but a little silly not catching that one....Time for my nap. 🙂
  12. Yesterday in south Yuma, AZ. Am I having trouble ID'ing because this is possibly immature or are my ID skills still as shaky as ever.
  13. My thoughts too but the Neotropic would have been out of range (too far north) according to my National Geographic Field Guide.... Thanks for all the help folks.
  14. Yesterday above the Colorado River, Bullhead City, AZ I think these are Double-crested cormorants but didn't know they could perch on a wire.....Thanks for the help. Sorry for the poor quality pic, only had my phone camera...
  15. I'm blown away your knowledge....Thank you.
  16. Yesterday Blythe, CA Asking the experts, "What kind of hawk?" Thank You.
  17. I can get on board with that....Thanks guys
  18. This morning in Blythe, CA. I think this is a Chipping but not positive. Thanks for your help.
  19. Thanks friends. Was hoping for a Canyon wren, it would have been a lifer for me....Ah well, next time.....
  20. Today outside of Parker, AZ Thanks for your help with ID. Sorry for quality it was a long shot with 400 mm lens. I think top of head might have been rusty color.
  21. Thanks folks you are the experts... I was thinking more in line with female Common Rosefinch... Glad you straighten me out, thanks again.
  22. Five days ago in Lordsburg, NM Thanks for your help. https://imgur.com/KmMOKx9
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