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  1. Yep, California, lol!!! I live in the PNW aka the Pacific Northwest [Washington, Oregon, and Idaho]...it is a more specific ''region'' of the West. South Carolina is in the South Atlantic region, a more specific region of the South. 🙂
  2. Ural Owl. 🙂 Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Hans Hillewaert
  3. Spruce Grouse. 🙂 Photo Credit: Wikipedia
  4. Pass on Q. 🙂 Q: What do you do for birds with bad hearing? A: You give them heron aids.
  5. The birds, especially the robins, have been picking the fruit off of the cherry tree. 🙂
  6. Nubian Woodpecker. 🙂 Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Wikimedia Commons / Brad Schram/Flickr
  7. Jamaican Mango Hummingbird. 🙂 Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Charles J Sharp / Sharp Photography
  8. Heart-spotted Woodpecker. 🙂 Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Painting from John Gould's Birds of Asia
  9. Emerald Dove. 🙂 Photo Credit: WikiMedia Commons / Flickr ~ Sham Edmond
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