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  1. 45 minutes ago, Jerry Friedman said:

    A weird one.  Here's another one with a black bill, but not quite as weird.  https://feederwatch.org/community/participant-photo/american-robin-51/

    My bird was identified on another forum in October 2009 as ''an adult female American Robin, this year's hatch, having gone through at least one molt.'' But I have always wondered if that was correct.

    Thank you for sharing that photo. One word in the description caught my attention, immature, and that makes more sense to me than anything else that I've considered. And would possibly explain the black bill. 


  2. 2 hours ago, Johnd said:

    Caspian terns are only common on the coasts. and are very similar to Royals.


    I live about 10 minutes from a major waterway, the gorgeous Columbia River. However, I've never seen any Terns that I can recall. There is a large colony of Caspian Terns (and Double-crested Cormorants) at the mouth of the Columbia but I haven't had the pleasure of a road trip to go see them.

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