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  1. Oops! No, I will not... Iol! I have always labeled yellow-rumped warblers as Audubon's or Myrtle's so I apologize for the miss post. @Kevinplease delete my Audubon's Yellow-rumped Warbler on page 2. Thanks! ?
  2. @Kevin @Seanbirds @Quiscalus quiscula Oh no! I tried to pick one I thought everyone would have but apparently I was wrong...so sorry! ?
  3. Yep, that is what I was thinking. And, because the crop is crammed full it is possible that the ''crop food'' will sour so that is why I left it at ''crop issues''.
  4. It appears to be having some sort of crop issues...or that is my best guess anyway. ?
  5. Ok, folks...#690 Red-crowned Parrot is already on the list at #642 so the next number up is #705. ?
  6. I thought you used .JPG but becasuse the file size is small I had to inquire. So, yep, the file was probably downsized to save space on Whatbird. Thanks! ?
  7. Just curious what format do you shoot in? RAW? The above photo seems to be a ''thumbnail'' of the original as its size is 1000x667 pixels.
  8. Normally as a rule, I start out making any adjustments [contrast, lighting, etc] first and then I crop to an eye-pleasing photo. However, if after that process has been done and the photo looks out of ''whack'' for any reason then I reverse the steps. In my opinion it really depends on the subject, background, and etc on which way to go...trial and error my friend until you find the look you are going for! ?
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