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  1. I have a guess to submit to Liam but I'm not sure how to do it...could someone please advise me on the process? Do I just DM him? Thank you!! ?
  2. Sadly, I haven't had the previous three birds...however, I do I have an American Goldfinch, yay! ?
  3. I have used 2.51 MB of my 976.56 MB limit...so I'm good to go for a few decades too, lol! Saving space is why I almost always crop my photos...and cropping also helps to get more eye-pleasing photos...in my opinion. ?
  4. Yep, I was here back in the day...I think I joined in 2009. Thanks @Kevinfor this trip down memory lane. I remember a few others that were active on here a lot back then... @jhauser42 , @PaintedBunting, @Royal Tern , @Raptorgurl ,they are all or were from Washington State when the crash happened. ?
  5. This is probably my best photo... but this is my most favorite. ?
  6. Black Oystercatcher [#545] and Northern Goshawk [#551] are already on the list at the numbers in [ ]'s. #612 is the next number up. ?
  7. According to what I've read the berries are edible but not very tasty and they taste nothing like grapes. The birds love them tho. ?
  8. Oregon Grape Holly / leaves Oregon Grape Holly / fruit
  9. Viewfinder for me...I find holding the camera at arms length too tiresome. Also, I feel I can zoom in better by using the viewfinder. The only time I use the LCD screen is for taking super macro shots. ?
  10. @IKLlandIs there any chance you could post the photos by uploading them? I think the details of each photo would be so much better...a photo of a photo is not the best for clarity. Thanks! ?
  11. Bullock's Orioles are the only Oriole in my area. Male, female and just for fun, a nest. ?
  12. I have no idea of the correct order or even if there is one. Personally I would start with the species and continue to add info as is necessary being sure to consistently use the same procedure throughout. ?
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