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  1. Oops! No, I will not... Iol! I have always labeled yellow-rumped warblers as Audubon's or Myrtle's so I apologize for the miss post. @Kevinplease delete my Audubon's Yellow-rumped Warbler on page 2. Thanks! ?
  2. @Kevin @Seanbirds @Quiscalus quiscula Oh no! I tried to pick one I thought everyone would have but apparently I was wrong...so sorry! ?
  3. Yep, that is what I was thinking. And, because the crop is crammed full it is possible that the ''crop food'' will sour so that is why I left it at ''crop issues''.
  4. It appears to be having some sort of crop issues...or that is my best guess anyway. ?
  5. Ok, folks...#690 Red-crowned Parrot is already on the list at #642 so the next number up is #705. ?
  6. I thought you used .JPG but becasuse the file size is small I had to inquire. So, yep, the file was probably downsized to save space on Whatbird. Thanks! ?
  7. Just curious what format do you shoot in? RAW? The above photo seems to be a ''thumbnail'' of the original as its size is 1000x667 pixels.
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