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  1. While @Charlie Spenceris undoubtably a very clever and witty guy, attackee is an established dictionary word from long ago, just sayin', LOL!!! ? attackee noun at·tack·ee | \ ə-ˌta-ˈkē \ plural attackees Definition of attackee : someone or something that is the victim or target of an attack : one that is attacked -When it attacked someone, an article often included a rebuttal from that person at the story's end—no need to wait for a nasty letter from the attackee in the following month's issue.— Bob Betcher, Press Journal (Vero Beach, Florida), 2 Nov. 2001 -This posture will usually cause the attacker to hold off long enough for the attackee to hurry back to its own territory.— Larry S. Thompson, Audubon Magazine, September 1985 First Known Use of attakee 1872, in the meaning defined above NOTE: Information was copied from https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/attackee
  2. My input is : #1 might be a little bit too light, maybe add a touch of contrast back in #2 looks alright, #3 maybe a tad, to me if a photo looks grainy it is over sharpened. Sorry, I can not help with the photoshop app. ?
  3. Usually I only see that many of them at one time in the late Fall and Winter months. ?
  4. Thank you! I'm not sure what they are doing...picking up small rocks maybe but they seem to like that area in my driveway. ?
  5. Gray Partridges also called Hungarian Partridges or ''Huns''
  6. Hummingbird [the picute quality isn't the best, it was taken with my very first digital camera a Fuji FinePix A700]
  7. Western Wood-Pewee/on a guy wire for a utility pole
  8. Immature Bald Eagle/ utility pole
  9. No worries! I think Canada Geese are cool birds so I have a ton of photos of them. Plus it makes up for the ones I missed out on, lol! PS: I keep a list with dates for each week if you ever want to double check your selection for the week. ?
  10. Adults herding goslings to the shoreline of the Columbia River.
  11. Thank you! Yes, it was. I used the ''Feeling Lucky'' feature in Picasa and it turned the background purple which made the yellow flowers pop. ? This is the original.
  12. Good luck! I hope you can get them figured out. ?
  13. Thank you! What I've shared so far are only the ones I have identified [or hope that I have]. I still have a bunch that I'm trying to ID. ?
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