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  1. Buff-breasted Flycatcher is on the list at #399 so the #676 is next. ?
  2. I have a list of everything that has been added if that would help you. ?
  3. No, 659 is next...scroll back up to 654 Colimer Warbler from there down the numbers are wrong. So #659 is next. ?
  4. The number are messed up again! And, Common Moorhen [aka Common Gallinule] is already on the list at #313 as Common Gallinule. The next number is #659. ?
  5. Thank you! No worries...they have been added to the list. ?
  6. Oops! Sorry I missed @Kevin's post regarding which number should be next. #644 is up next by my records. ?
  7. Hey, can y'all stop adding for a little while. Things went south at #621 Greater Pewee was already at 608 on the list so now the numbers are out of whack. I'll get them straightened out and put the correct number up! Thanks!!! ?
  8. Hmm! I must've taken a wrong turn somewhere. I did not have a Forster's Tern a few weeks ago nor do I have a Ruddy Turnstone for this week! Alas, 'tis the story of my life, lol!!! However, I will happily enjoy everyone elses awesome photos. TFS! ?
  9. I have a guess to submit to Liam but I'm not sure how to do it...could someone please advise me on the process? Do I just DM him? Thank you!! ?
  10. Sadly, I haven't had the previous three birds...however, I do I have an American Goldfinch, yay! ?
  11. I have used 2.51 MB of my 976.56 MB limit...so I'm good to go for a few decades too, lol! Saving space is why I almost always crop my photos...and cropping also helps to get more eye-pleasing photos...in my opinion. ?
  12. Yep, I was here back in the day...I think I joined in 2009. Thanks @Kevinfor this trip down memory lane. I remember a few others that were active on here a lot back then... @jhauser42 , @PaintedBunting, @Royal Tern , @Raptorgurl ,they are all or were from Washington State when the crash happened. ?
  13. This is probably my best photo... but this is my most favorite. ?
  14. Black Oystercatcher [#545] and Northern Goshawk [#551] are already on the list at the numbers in [ ]'s. #612 is the next number up. ?
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