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  1. And, one final creative take for F... A fallen feather with a few raindrops.
  2. I'm out of ''F's'' ... well, not really but I'm trying not to repeat the same photos. Here's a creative take... Feeding time
  3. Please ignore the previous posts...the links will not open...thank you! Finch, House
  4. I'm all out of E's...so here's a take on creativity. Eggs, Killdeer
  5. Once again I apologize for the repost. I live in a rural area with lousy cell phone and internet service. I have discovered that for some weird reason I can not use my laptop to post photos to the forum, they are visible to me but no one else. Thanks! Eurasian Collared-Dove
  6. Hello Everyone... I've been having internet issues the last few days. I could get online but could not post to any forums so I'm behind. I hope no one minds that I catch up by making an extra post today and tomorrow. Thanks!
  7. These ducks are living wild on a canal bank in farmland country so I'm not sure what kind of ducks they are...probably Domestic Ducks
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