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  1. Taken 20 NOV 2022 Toppenish, Yakima County, Washington Are these Whooper Swans or something else? Thank you!
  2. Taken 31 OCT 2022 near Paterson, Benton County, Washington Taken with an Android cell phone camera so the photo is not good at all. However, I know someone will be able to give me a positive ID. Thank you!
  3. Hmm, I'm not sure why my Steller's Jay and California Scrub Jay photos disappeared. However, if you right click on all of that gibberish and open in a new tab or window you will be able to see the image. Does anyone have any ideas why this happens with my photos? Thanks!
  4. Happy Fourth of July!! I started this thread last year and decided to revisit it...feel free to add your ''patriotic'' bird photos. Steller's Jay
  5. I have gone through the list, and all is good...there are no duplicate birds posted and the next number up is #738.
  6. For some reason my photo didn't post properly so I'll try it again. Thanks! Common Grackle
  7. Good morning, everyone! I had to duck out on last week's selection. I don't have many photos of water birds even though I live near several waterways. I'm sure I can scrounge up a Common Grackle though. ðŸŠķ
  8. Strike 5 ... apparently I live in the wrong neck of the woods. Looking forward to seeing everyone else's photos tho. 🙂
  9. Well, snap! I was Scauped last week and Sniped this one, lol!! So I'll just enjoy everyone else's photos.🙂
  10. Owl have to sit this one out. The only owls I have are Barn and Great Horned.
  11. Sometimes when I use my laptop the photos won't or don't load properly. Try this one. Thanks!
  12. How about this one? https://photos.google.com/search/house wren/photo/AF1QipN8Q2k_W4WV-1bDhhkDeGt6I1xHarXwOCDC-jaV
  13. Hmm, that's weird...other people can see it. Not sure what to do, any suggestions?
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