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  1. ūüß®Happy Independence Day!¬†ūüß®

    Post your ''patrotic'' bird photos that have American, Red, White, or Blue in their name. Or that are predominantly red, white, or blue.  Eagles are acceptable too. 

    Have fun!!


  2. Here's a handy dandy little trick I've used many times out in the field...carry a $1 bill in your pocket, it measures a tiny smidge over 6 inches; you can put it in the photo with the feather. And, if you forget the dollar bill this works too, line up your hand with the feather then take a photo; measure your hand later. 

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  3. Red-tailed Hawk? I don't see a belly band and this bird has heavy streaking on the chest and a very prominent white eyebrow. Also, the size of this bird is hard to determine due to leaves. This is what I see from the photo, I have an idea but hesitate to give an ID. I'm sure someone will have an answer for you soon.

  4. 1 hour ago, kfhgw said:

    Thank you and that makes sense.  Also it makes my dogs innocent of knocking it out of a bush.  We have woods 30 yrds from the house and we do have wild turkeys in the woods.  Turkeys should be hatching about now so this guy must have wonder out of the woods and down to the house.  The dogs only saw him in the lawn and were curious.  There is no way we missed a big turkey nesting in our front bushes or would they come that close to the house to nest with our 2 big dogs.  Hopefully mom found him last night.

    You are welcome. I had a momma turkey nest on my deck this spring. The firethorn bush had grown over the deck and made a lovely little hiding spot. She laid 9 eggs and they all hatched out on the 23rd of May. I found her by pure accident, when they decide to hunker down and sit they don't move around much so it is possible for something that big to go unnoticed. 


    Wild Turkey



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