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  1. How about this one? https://photos.google.com/search/house wren/photo/AF1QipN8Q2k_W4WV-1bDhhkDeGt6I1xHarXwOCDC-jaV
  2. Hmm, that's weird...other people can see it. Not sure what to do, any suggestions?
  3. California Scrub-jay [*Here's a tidbit of totally useless info, lol! ... photo was taken in 2010, before the 2016 split, when it was known as a Western Scrub-jay.]
  4. As a West Coaster I've not had the pleasure but sure will enjoy seeing everyone else's photos!!
  5. This PNWesterner has never had the pleasure of seeing one either. Please accept my application to the ''never seen'' club providing there is room for one more!😁
  6. This was taken last week, just now transfered photos from camera to laptop, so I hope it is okay to post it a bit late...thanks!
  7. Snow Geese, Toppenish, Yakima County, Washington
  8. Cool bird, unfortunately it doesn't reside in my neck of the woods.
  9. @Aidan B@IKLland Thank you! California Gull is what I thought but Google lens kept telling me Caspian Gull.
  10. Taken 17 May 2011, On the Oregon side of Columbia River @ Biggs Junction, Wasco County, Oregon Which gull? I thought I knew which one it is but now I'm not sure thanks to Google lens. Thank you!
  11. A birder by nature with an obsession for photography. I was a bird lover/watcher 50+ years before I ever owned a camera.
  12. Thank you so much for the info and help. I allowed access for anyone with the link so it should be available for everyone now.
  13. @Charlie Spencer @Birds are cool Sorry, the list is a Google document, I didn't realize that in order to access the link you would need a Google login. I could privately message you the list then you could save it however you wish. In the meantime I will try to figure out another way for anyone who doesn't have Google.
  14. Here is the link to the list. https://docs.google.com/document/d/17W4H7I4lBPnPWogW_He-odADt1bQngWWboDioE-4ri8/edit?usp=drivesdk
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