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  1. No Northern Shoveler for me but I do have an up-to-date list of all of the birds that have been picked. If anyone wants it I will gladly send it to you or I could post it here for everyone.
  2. Great photos of Swamp Sparrows everyone. Unfortunately I've never seen one.
  3. Pacific Wren ... I missed getting this one posted a few months ago.
  4. Cool photo! Willets are in the Sandpiper family so, - a bind of sandpipers- a cluster of sandpipers - a contradiction of sandpipers - a fling of sandpipers- a hill of sandpipers - a time-step of sandpipers.
  5. A group of animals are referred to by a ''collective noun''. Such as a herd of cows, a pride of lions, a school of fish, same goes for each species of our feathered friends. Here's a few examples... Crows - a murder, a horde, a mob, a muster, a hover, a parcel, a parliament, a storytelling Starlings - a congregation, a murmuration, an affliction, a chattering, a constellation, a scourge, a cloud, a clutter Ducks, depending on what they are doing... On water - a paddling, a raft, a team Diving - a dopping On land - a waddling, a safe, a badling In flight - a plump, a flock, a skein And more general names - a bed, a coil, a company, a fleet, a gang, a gathering, a knob, a party, a string, a twack, a wedge... A group is usually thought of as many individuals but some species are not very social so photos with as few as three birds will be acceptable but the more the merrier. The object of this photo share is to post a photo of a group of a species and use the ''collective noun'' associated with them. I would suggest that you do a little homework and Google ''collective nouns of/for birds" and save it in a word document or print it out to keep handy as a reference. Some species have multiple names so you may post more than one photo per species providing you use a different photo for each noun. I'm looking forward to seeing your group photos. Any questions don't hesitate to ask. Have fun! lonesome55dove ~ aka/Darci
  6. And, one final creative take for F... A fallen feather with a few raindrops.
  7. I'm out of ''F's'' ... well, not really but I'm trying not to repeat the same photos. Here's a creative take... Feeding time
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