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  1. Welcome to Whatbird! Yup, Yellow-rumped Warbler would be my guess too without a photo to look at. The best way to add photos is to use an outside photo site like Flickr. ?
  2. Oahu Oo. ? Photo Credit: Wikipedia / John Gerrard Keulemans (1842–1912)
  3. Mountain Bluebird. ? Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Elaine R. Wilson
  4. Absolutely! In fact, I think it's a cool reminder. I was going to post a D one but wasn't fast enough, lol!...maybe next go round. ?
  5. Flamingo, Greater. ? Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Elgollimoh [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)]
  6. Pass on Z. ? Q: What's the difference between bird flu and swine flu? A: If you have bird flu, you need a tweetment. If you have swine flu, you need oink-ment.
  7. Ah, good point... I didn't look it up...just assumed Detroit Dam was in MI...that's why I wasn't sure about the range. ?
  8. Ultramarine Grosbeak. ? Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Dario Sanches from São Paulo, Brazil
  9. Pass on the first one. I think the second one looks better for Black-throated Gray Warbler...the crown looks black and it appears to have some streaks on the sides...but I don't know if they are in your range area so wait for more input. ?
  10. Pass on Q. ? Q: What happens when ducks fly upside down? A: They quack up!
  11. Ostrich. ? Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Yathin S Krishnappa
  12. Kea. ? Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Mark Whatmough - Milford Sound, Key Summit, The Divide, Queenstown
  13. I think we should still follow the basic guidelines...no back to back post. Only make allowances for the letters Q, X, and Z ...a joke or bird saying is fine with me. This change should help with keeping this thread moving a little faster. ?
  14. Hi Trevor L., glad to see you are still here. You are awesome...the rules shouldn't be totally changed only a little tweek on the letters Q and X and maybe Z ...thank you!! ?
  15. ...so meanwhile back at the ranch while we are waiting for @Nighthawk01 to respond ...here's a cute little guy... Doubleday's Hummingbird. ? Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Francesco Veronesi from Italy - Doubleday Hummingbird - Mexico_S4E8781
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