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  1. Well, maybe we could fly that idea past @Nighthawk01 and see what he thinks. Sometimes we come to a standstill for days because everyone tries to avoid those three letters. :)
  2. I do like the idea of '' joke birds'' for those three letters though, like a funny photo or maybe a bird phrase/saying or even a corny bird joke. ? Birds of a feather flock together. Q: Why do birds fly south in the winter?A: Because it's too far to walk!
  3. Here's my dimes worth: I've been participating in this one from the start so in all due respect I suggest we ask the OP @Nighthawk01 to grant any changes since he did start this thread, however, some of us, myself included, have already broken or bent the rules I still think we should ask first. Or we could abandon this thread totally and start a new one...just sayin'! ?
  4. Here we are again...so guess what? Xantus's Hummingbird!! ?
  5. I can not give any help on the bird in question...I wouldn't give up I'd just lay it aside for now and visit it again later...you never know someone might have an answer for you. I personally do not add a bird to my ''life list'' unless I have a clear photo or at the very least one that can be positively identified. I know a lot of people add birds to their list that they've ''seen'' or even ''heard'' but I don't...I'm a quirky wittle bird! ?
  6. House Finch? , maybe. Wait and see if anyone else pops in with a suggestion. ?
  7. A Varied Thrush has a black breast band but it doesn't quite fit the rest of your description. What was the lighting like when you saw the bird? Any chance shadows were making the bird look browner than it really was? ?
  8. Dangit! I knew I should have left it alone...I always second guess my self! ?
  9. Hmm, my first thought was House Finch because I don't see the ''crossbill'' but the more I look at this bird the more it looks like a Crossbill...larger bill than what a House Finch would have and darker more defined streaks than a House Finch. Sorry for any confusion...wait for more input. ?
  10. Zone-tailed Hawk. ? Photo Credit: Wikipedia / ALAN SCHMIERER - https://www.flickr.com/photos/sloalan/16906279787/
  11. Agree with IvoryBillHope...Lesser Goldfinch. ?
  12. Hellooo! Anyone wanna come out and play? OK, since there is a post between this one and my previous one and even though it is for the same letter ''W'' I'm gonna be a cheater, cheater bug eater and ''X'' us out of the x-tra irritating letter X with Xantus's Becard [now known as a Rose-throated Becard]. ? Photo Credit:https://thewebsiteofeverything.com/animals/birds/Passeriformes/Cotingidae/Pachyramphus-aglaiae Original source: #if:7457894@N04|Jerry Oldenettel|#if:|
  13. Black Tern is what I'm thinking too...but I'm not 100% sure. ?
  14. Not a Kingfisher. Where and when were these photos taken? Thank you. ?
  15. Cute, that's what it is! I'm pretty sure it is a Western Screech Owl...but wait for more replies. ?
  16. Welcome to Whatbird! It certainly looks like one. Where and when was this photo taken? Thanks. ?
  17. Ultramarine Kingfisher. ? Photo Credit: http://www.bird-stamps.org/recent/solomo/2004/15.htm
  18. House Finch, typical. ? House Finch, yellow variant. ? House Finch, orange variant. ?
  19. Diamond Dove. ? Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Christopher Watson (http://www.comebirdwatching.blogspot.com
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