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  1. @Charlie Spencer MARS [Mountainaire Avian Rescue Society] is a wildlife rescue center based out of British Columbia Canada. ?
  2. Beautiful photo! I believe it is a Tri-colored Blackbird...they have white median coverts below the red lesser coverts. Wait for more input to be sure tho. ?
  3. Zone-tailed Hawk. ? Photo Credit: Wikipedia
  4. I'll second this suggestion...it is extremely frustrating to me for many reasons...misspelled words, re-wording because it didn't sound right after I read it again and changing a photo just to mention a few. ?
  5. You are welcome. Sadly, I'm not sure many people even read it. ?
  6. The site does have a pinned topic that addresses all of this but it has gotten lost in all of the other non-pertinent junk in the Help Me Identify a North American Bird. Charlie Spencer worked his tail feathers off composing the guidelines for a successful ID for new members and as a friendly reminder to us ''old birders''. ? What, Where, When! How to Request a SUCCESSFUL Bird ID!
  7. You are welcome. I believe you only have about 5 minutes to make an edit then that option is no longer available. ?
  8. The link as you've posted does not work...too much jibberish but this does. I'll leave the ID to more experienced hummingbird experts. ?
  9. Townsend's Solitaire. ? BONUS: Juvenile Townsend's Solitaire. ?
  10. Boy howdy, howdy...truer words were never spoken or in this case written!!! ?
  11. Given the orange legs and pattern on the greenish wing I would say it is a Green Heron .
  12. I would be hesitant too...do you have a local veterinarian's office or newspaper office that you could use as a ''go-between''...at least until you're sure the correct owner has been found...that way the whole world wouldn't know phone number or address. ?
  13. Danggit! I have new glasses...bifocals with a line...and I guess I literally read between the lines because I thought you said, ''doesn't'' get cold at night. Thanks for answering my silly question! ?
  14. 20°c, right? or 68°f for folks in the USA. ? Cool looking bird. ?
  15. Woohoo! Doin' a happy dance here. Thank you. ?
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