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  1. Jambu Fruit Dove. ? Photo Credit: Wikipedia / By Greg Hume - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=17878696
  2. Oh yeah, and the wings too...I knew there was something else that didn't look quite right for a gull. ?
  3. Well, this was my reasoning...the bill looks too pointed and the tail shape doesn't seem right for a gull and the first thing that came to mind was a tern. ?
  4. I'm most likely wrong but it looks more like a Tern to me but I don't know which one...wait for more input. ?
  5. Yep, Northern Flicker...and this one is a female, Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker [Eastern variety]. She has a gray crown with a red nape patch and yellow under her tail and wings. The males have a black malar. The Red-shafted Northern Flicker [Western variety] have a brown crown and do not have a nape patch, they have red [more like rusty-orange] under their tails and wings. The males have a red malar. ?
  6. Thank you for the wonderful compliment...I'm glad you enjoyed looking at them! ?
  7. It looks like a Lesser Scaup to me but wait for more input. ?
  8. Welcome to Whatbird! It is not a Pine Siskin...so I'm pretty sure Song Sparrow is correct. Great photos too. ?
  9. Congrats! Spectacular photo! I've heard Belted Kingfishers and gotten a fleeting glimpse of them high up in the treetops on the Columbia River but I've never been lucky enough to get a decent photo so I'm definitely a whole lot ''peanut butter and jealous''. ?
  10. Yep, sure is. I know I have this one right however I did mess up on IDing one a few days ago. ?
  11. I have never seen a White-winged Crossbill in my area maybe because they like the smaller cones of hemlock, spruce and larch trees. In my county, there is mostly pine and fir trees which the Red Crossbills prefer. ?
  12. You are welcome. Yes, Pine Siskins do seem to favor hanging out with American Goldfinches probably due to their similar seed preferences. ?
  13. Pine Siskin was my first impression based on the beak shape and the heavy streaking. BTW, I'm in South Central WA ...down near The Dalles, OR. ?
  14. I thought it was a Cooper's too but the tail didn't look long enough and even tho it appears to be round I thought it might be worn...so that is why I went with Sharp-shinned but the longer I look at it the more I agree that it is a Cooper's. ?
  15. I'm probably wrong so wait for more input but it looks like a Sharp-shinned Hawk to me. ?
  16. House Finch. The orange-ish coloring is most likely due to diet. ?
  17. Agree with Bird Brain, they look like Killdeer eggs to me too. ?
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