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  1. 162. Eurasian Collared-dove 163. Evening Grosbeak 164. Black-headed Grosbeak
  2. 158. Mourning Dove 159. Rock Dove 160. Sharp-shinned Hawk 161. Cooper's Hawk
  3. 155. Gray Partridge 156. Chukar 157. Western Meadowlark
  4. 148. Western Wood-Pewee 149. Ash-throated Flycatcher 150. Western Kingbird 151. Eastern Kingbird
  5. 143. Ring-billed Gull 144. California Gull 145. American Robin 146. Varied Thrush 147. Townsend's Solitaire
  6. 135. Northern Shrike 136. California Scrub-jay 137. Steller's Jay 138. Red-breasted Nuthatch 139. White-breasted Nuthatch
  7. 132. Brown Thrasher 133. Rufous Hummingbird 134. Pileated Woodpecker
  8. 126. Acorn Woodpecker 127. Golden-crowned Sparrow 128. Western Bluebird 129. Mountain Chickadee 130. Tri-colored Blackbird 131. Barn Owl
  9. 119. Calliope Hummingbird 120. Pygmy Nuthatch 121. Pine Siskin 122. Song Sparrow 123. Western Tanager 124. Lewis's Woodpecker 125. Mallard
  10. It looks like a Black-chinned to me. Awesome photo! ?
  11. This is very nice...the only thing I might change up a bit would be to put '' If you have photos, you can link to most popular photo sharing sites.'' first under What did the bird look like? then say, if photos are not available... What colors were the head, body, wings, and tail? Can you compare the mystery bird to a bird you're already familiar with? Was it smaller, fatter, longer necked, shorter tailed, etc.? Would it be necessary to go thru all of those steps if photos were included? Just my thoughts...Thank you. ?
  12. Body shape seems wrong for a swallow and this bird has wing bars and appears to have a long sharp bill. ?
  13. Yes, there is horse hair in this nest and maybe even some of my hair, lol. I've saw nests down along the river that have fishing line in them...that really disturbs me. My husband was a fisherman but he was also a good steward of our environment so he was extra careful not to leave discarded line and such for critters to get tangled up in. ?
  14. Well, it is a great idea but most of these nests are 25-50 feet off the ground and at the very tip of a branch. I often wonder how the little ones survive being tossed around in the wind...and the wind blows a lot here in the Pacific Northwest's Columbia River Gorge area. ?
  15. I agree but I expect they use what can be easily found near their chosen nesting site. The area I live in is farm/ranch land with livestock which means a lot of tarp-cover hay stacks and thus an abundance of baling twine. ?
  16. Bullock's Orioles make really cool nests. The nests are hard to see when the trees have leaves but in the Fall/Winter they are easy to spot. ?
  17. You're welcome. Those trailing legs do look weird. ?
  18. The body description sounds like a Clark's Nutcracker...the head not so sure about. Hopefully, someone will come along shortly and know what it is. ?
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