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  1. I live in the Pacific Northwest, South-Central Washington state, this is what Downy and Hairy's bills look like here. Stout, adj: thick and strong. Sturdy. Perhaps I could have/should have chosen a different word but that is how I see it as compared to a Downy's bill. ?
  2. I think 1, 3 and 4 are all Hairy's...there is not any barring/spots on the outside edge of the tail. The bill on the second one looks pretty stout to me...not as dainty and sharply pointed as a Downy's should look. ?
  3. It looks like a Mountain Chickadee but the image is so small I'm not 100% positive. ?
  4. Another vote for a Wilson's...if I'm wrong at least I'm in good company. ?
  5. I agree...a beautiful Clark's Nutcracker...nice capture. I too am jealous...this bird is on my ''birds to see'' bucket list. ?
  6. 100% European Starling...they can be extremely tricky to ID...the time of the year is a huge factor. ?
  7. You are welcome. I guess we both learned something...I was not aware that your way also puts the actual photo in the post as opposed to a clickable link...so I thank you for sharing also. ?
  8. There is another way... from your main photostream page right click on the photo you want to share/link ...from the open box put your cursor over ''copy link address'' and click on it...go to Whatbird and in the message/reply box right click and then click paste..the photo will take a few second to appear...this method eliminates the need to click on a link to view the photo. Hope this helps. ?
  9. @HamRHead ... You use Picasa, right? I use it too....you may already know this but just in case you don't this is what I do to find photos quickly. After your photos have been loaded into Picasa from your media card...open the folder and click on a photo that you want to locate again...below the photo there is a light gray bar with and icon on each end...put your cursor on the bar and click...a flashing line will appear...type whatever you want into that bar [ ie: European Starling, front yard, eating from suet block, sunny with light breeze, ] ...then hit enter twice...that photo has now been ''tagged'' so to speak without altering/editing it. To find it ...go to the very top of the Picasa program...in the white bar with magnifying glass type the name of the subject you are looking for European Starling...any/all photos that have those words will come up and you can scroll thru to find the photo you want. I hope this helps. ?
  10. Hi ...Are you trying to go straight from your computer's photo program to Whatbird? Or are you using something like Flickr or Imgur? ?
  11. Did you notice that it has been banded? ... one on each leg. ?
  12. ?Question? ...If insects, mammals, amphibians and other wildlife forums are brought back would it be possible for snakes to have their own section instead of being included with frogs/toads, lizards, turtles and crocs/gators? Having had an unfavorable experience with a snake I'm deathly afraid of them. The other cold-blooded creatures are great subjects for photography so I'd love seeing what other people post without the fear of coming face to screen with a snake. ? Thank you . ?
  13. It looks like an Osprey's nest. I don't know if there are Ospreys in Poland as I'm not familiar with European birds so wait for more people to comment. ?
  14. 165. European Starling 166. Canada Goose 167. Ring-necked Pheasant 168. California Quail
  15. 162. Eurasian Collared-dove 163. Evening Grosbeak 164. Black-headed Grosbeak
  16. 158. Mourning Dove 159. Rock Dove 160. Sharp-shinned Hawk 161. Cooper's Hawk
  17. 155. Gray Partridge 156. Chukar 157. Western Meadowlark
  18. 148. Western Wood-Pewee 149. Ash-throated Flycatcher 150. Western Kingbird 151. Eastern Kingbird
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