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  1. Yes, there is horse hair in this nest and maybe even some of my hair, lol. I've saw nests down along the river that have fishing line in them...that really disturbs me. My husband was a fisherman but he was also a good steward of our environment so he was extra careful not to leave discarded line and such for critters to get tangled up in. ?
  2. Well, it is a great idea but most of these nests are 25-50 feet off the ground and at the very tip of a branch. I often wonder how the little ones survive being tossed around in the wind...and the wind blows a lot here in the Pacific Northwest's Columbia River Gorge area. ?
  3. I agree but I expect they use what can be easily found near their chosen nesting site. The area I live in is farm/ranch land with livestock which means a lot of tarp-cover hay stacks and thus an abundance of baling twine. ?
  4. Bullock's Orioles make really cool nests. The nests are hard to see when the trees have leaves but in the Fall/Winter they are easy to spot. ?
  5. You're welcome. Those trailing legs do look weird. ?
  6. The body description sounds like a Clark's Nutcracker...the head not so sure about. Hopefully, someone will come along shortly and know what it is. ?
  7. Your location would be helpful for possibly IDing the birds you've described. Thank you. ?
  8. It could be that the ear tufts have not fully developed/emerged yet due to age of the bird. ?
  9. I've heard Great Horned juveniles make sounds similar to this...but I'm far from being an owl expert so wait for more input...I'm sure someone will know what it is. ?
  10. So do you mean like the rump area? If so, two birds come to mind...Northern Flicker and Northern Harrier. ?
  11. Oh, cool! Thank you...that's funny because I thought the first photo looked the best ...glad I posted the others. ?
  12. Thanks for taking another look at this bird...I believe it is a Gray too now that I've looked at the other photos more closely. Danged flycatchers anyway!! ?
  13. Thank you for your help...I appreciate your input. I added two more photos that might be helpful. ?
  14. Yes it does, thank you. I agree it is most likely a Gray Flycatcher as the other two are out of range for WA. At the time I tagged the above photo I thought it was probably the best of the ones I'd taken but I went back to the folder and found two more shots that might help. Thanks again. ?
  15. Thank you for pointing that out...on my screen the photo is somewhat distorted so I really can not see the bars. ?
  16. Ok, thank you. Well, I'm still not convinced that this is a Downy...it seems rather large to me and I don't see any spots on the underside of the tail which would indicate a Hairy. ?
  17. Do you have any other photos of the woodpecker? Thank you. ?
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