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  1. It could be that the ear tufts have not fully developed/emerged yet due to age of the bird. ?
  2. I've heard Great Horned juveniles make sounds similar to this...but I'm far from being an owl expert so wait for more input...I'm sure someone will know what it is. ?
  3. So do you mean like the rump area? If so, two birds come to mind...Northern Flicker and Northern Harrier. ?
  4. Oh, cool! Thank you...that's funny because I thought the first photo looked the best ...glad I posted the others. ?
  5. Thanks for taking another look at this bird...I believe it is a Gray too now that I've looked at the other photos more closely. Danged flycatchers anyway!! ?
  6. Thank you for your help...I appreciate your input. I added two more photos that might be helpful. ?
  7. Yes it does, thank you. I agree it is most likely a Gray Flycatcher as the other two are out of range for WA. At the time I tagged the above photo I thought it was probably the best of the ones I'd taken but I went back to the folder and found two more shots that might help. Thanks again. ?
  8. Thank you for pointing that out...on my screen the photo is somewhat distorted so I really can not see the bars. ?
  9. Ok, thank you. Well, I'm still not convinced that this is a Downy...it seems rather large to me and I don't see any spots on the underside of the tail which would indicate a Hairy. ?
  10. Do you have any other photos of the woodpecker? Thank you. ?
  11. Thank you for your input...Gray Flycatcher would actually be a possibility in my area. Unfortunately, the photo is not the best so I realize it will be tough for a positive ID. ?
  12. Oh, no worries...it's my bad...I was attempting to get as many views as possibe in the hopes of more eyes equals more help! ?
  13. lol! It sure is...but which one is the million dollar question. The more I try to figure it out the more confused I become...sooo maybe someone will be able to save my sanity or what's left of it! ?
  14. Taken 17 AUG 2017 / South Central Washington / Klickitat County For the life of me I can not figure this bird out...all help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. ?
  15. Quebracho Crested Tinamou. ? Photo Credit ~ avibirds.com
  16. I appreciate your help...thank you. Both are new birds for me so I'm glad I asked for help. ?
  17. Ok, thank you for your input...I appreciate it. And, I'll have a look at a Vesper's for #2. ?
  18. Photo taken 20 AUG 2017 / South Central Washington / Klickitat County 1. Brewer's Sparrow? Thank you. ? Photo taken 28 AUG 2017 / South Central Washington / Klickitat County 2. Savannah Sparrow? Thank you. ?
  19. Photo taken 26 APR 2018 / South Central Washington / Klickitat County This is a female Purple Finch, right? Thanks for your help. ? Photo taken 27 SEP 2017 / South Central Washington / Klickitat County Cassin's Finch, yes? Thanks again. ?
  20. I am not able to edit a post after a few minutes also...hope this helps. ?
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