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  1. Java Sparrow. ? Photo credit ~ Wikipedia.
  2. It looks likes a juvenile Bluebird...so probably an Eastern Bluebird for your area. ?
  3. Taken 05 JUN 2018 / South Central Washington / Klickitat County I think this is a yellow variant House Finch but thought I'd get some expert input before I mark it as such. Thank you for your help! ?
  4. Qute Quail [California] ... Q is a hard one so I hope these little chicks qualify. ?
  5. Mountain Chickadee, one of my favorite little birds. ?
  6. Good question...maybe we should get a ruling from @Nighthawk01 before we continue. ?
  7. Hello Everyone! So glad this site is up and running again...I have truly missed it! Many thanks to those involved in getting it back online. ♥ ?
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