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  1. REPOST...Third time is a charm. If this doesn't work I give up! Thanks again! American Robin
  2. REPOST... I'll try this again, I apologize for all of the extra posts. If anyone has any tips on why my photos disappear or how to fix the problem please let me know. Thanks! American Robin
  3. No, I'm not moving the photos. I have no idea about photos reorganizing. I don't know why this is happening either. Thank you!
  4. REPOST - Hope this one works better. Thanks! American Goldfinch
  5. I think the problem might be where I have the photos stored. I don't seem to have problems with Flickr. However, Google Photos always gives me trouble. Can you see the photo? Thanks!
  6. This is a repost of my photo...not sure why some folks can see it and others can not. Hope this one works. Thanks! Northern Tufted Titmouse
  7. Hmm, I don't know what happened but I'll post the photo again...not sure what else to do. Thanks!
  8. Try scientific names... I only have 4 but there are more than that available.?
  9. A little creative stretch... Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker
  10. You are welcome! I was on vacation in Missouri last week and forgot to even post so I'll sneak it in here.
  11. Sorry for the delay folks... This week's bird is Evening Grosbeak. ?
  12. haha! I'm okay, thanks for your concern! It amazes me how much regional difference there is in the bird world.
  13. Neither one for me this week...I'm on a hard-core roll, I've struck out five-weeks in a row, lol!
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