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  1. Please ignore the previous posts...the links will not open...thank you! Finch, House
  2. I'm all out of E's...so here's a take on creativity. Eggs, Killdeer
  3. Once again I apologize for the repost. I live in a rural area with lousy cell phone and internet service. I have discovered that for some weird reason I can not use my laptop to post photos to the forum, they are visible to me but no one else. Thanks! Eurasian Collared-Dove
  4. Hello Everyone... I've been having internet issues the last few days. I could get online but could not post to any forums so I'm behind. I hope no one minds that I catch up by making an extra post today and tomorrow. Thanks!
  5. These ducks are living wild on a canal bank in farmland country so I'm not sure what kind of ducks they are...probably Domestic Ducks
  6. Sorry for the double post. Apparently, my internet connection is haywire right now.
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