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  1. Some areas, especially the lowlands are full of chiggers really bad so be prepared.
  2. CR is a very small country with many different habitats. I've been there 6 or 7 times, 10 days each visit and still ill can't get enough. A good guide REALLY helps.
  3. Excuse me if I have posted this photo before but Squirrel Cuckoos are so much fun!
  4. I'm old as dirt. I used to try to sell my bird photos and it gets so involved I started trading them for permission for authors to use them in their books. Also college kids asked permission to use them for whatever. I have a photo of a Xantuss's Hummer in the book "Hummingbirds of The Worlds". Fun stuff but selling a photo is tough.
  5. Must be Spotted Sandpiper.😉
  6. My previous wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer and give 6 months to live. Before that all we did was work! We decided to travel the world and fell in love with birds. We stretched 6 months into 13 years. I wrote 2 photo books for the birds of Baja California and donated the proceeds to MD Anderson University of oncology. They we always so helpful. Then a porno group from Mexico corrupted my website the same time my wife passed. Loosing interest I never started it up again.
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