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  1. All at the same time for me. My wife passed away. My website "Birds We See" was corrupted by a porno group in Mexico(never had so many "likes") but the site was gone. My thousands of posts to Whatbird were gone just like loosing friends.
  2. Where's Bigfoot, psweet and my favorite...Liam. Is this the same Liam that has been so helpful with posts I.D.s lately?
  3. Even though my birding partner and wife of 23 years (passed away...cancer) I'm still here. Joined in, I think, 2012.
  4. We were hearing this owl from a distance in very thick brush and trees. Our guide tried and tried to call it in for a photo without success. He finally gave up and started walking away and I hear something flutter behind me. 5 feet away on a short palm tree there he was staring at me. Cuban Pygmy Owl.
  5. Like I've always told people....Birding is not just about the birds but more like where birds take you.
  6. Northern Lapwing Southern Lapwing
  7. Baird's Junco Sierra de La Gunas Mts. Baja Sur.
  8. I once chased this bird during spring migration from Brownsville Tx north. Every day as I looked for the bird people would say "you should have been here yesterday". Finally hit South Dakota in the R.V. and they were everywhere, seemed like every other fence post had one sitting on it to the point it was almost boring. You never know.
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