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  1. meghann

    Godwit ID

    I think the white rump patch in the flight pictures says Hudsonian.
  2. meghann

    Backyard Accipiter id

    Yes, you see how the dark gray that is on top of the head extends all the way down the neck? That's what gives Sharp-shinned what we call a "hooded" appearance. On an adult Cooper's, the dark gray does not go down the neck, giving it what we call a "capped" appearance.
  3. The thick mask that covers the eye and extends onto the bill says Loggerhead to me.
  4. meghann

    House or Purple?

    Yep, that's a House! Guess I'll add something useful. The facial pattern isn't right, either. Not enough contrast.
  5. meghann

    More gulls!

    I'm not great with gulls, but are the pink smaller seeming bills in the last two photos just due to lighting artifact and distance?
  6. meghann

    Which Chickadee?

    If it helps, the messy bib and extensive buff color help push it more to the black-capped side, as well, I believe.
  7. meghann

    Which Chickadee?

    I'd call it a Black-capped, due to the "hockey stick", but MO is in the overlap zone, so I like to hear the call, too, to be sure. (And then they hybridize, but we won't get into that, lol.)
  8. Also, COGO would be a big deal, so where are you seeing that possibility, and I'll have a look.
  9. Wow, thanks! I know it's not an easy task, especially because my lens is literally the worst piece of glass Nikon ever made. Someday I'll own a distance lens worth a darn, someday. . . I'll look through my photos and see if I have any others of the area in question.
  10. meghann

    Are these Purple Finches?

    Absolutely, with that bold facial pattern on the female, and the deep raspberry color of the male.
  11. meghann

    American Pipit?

    Yes, this is a Palm Warbler, due to the yellow vent.
  12. meghann

    Songbird in South TX

    Hmm, I had assumed that the black was only the wings, because of the angle of the photo. (And the apparent complete lack of yellow) I'd feel better if I saw the face, though. Then I'd be sure one way or another.
  13. meghann

    Sharpie and Merlin

    Agree with TBN.
  14. I believe it is a Great Horned, with how big it looks, and the orange facial discs are on the small side.