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  1. Be sure to message it to Liam, since that's how they decided to do quiz submissions for this one.
  2. I found they're one of the more people-tolerant raptors. Fun birds. I have to keep watch that I don't say "JUST a red-shouldered hawk" too much, because the adults really are pretty birds.
  3. I'm kind of jealous how many color choices the men's have versus the women's. HMMM.
  4. My dad confirmed it was Sahara, but didn't say normal or the Guide ones. Since he mentioned the water brushing off, guess it would have to be the Guide ones. They are super expensive for me, but he has had his for over 25 years and they're still going strong, so I guess they're an investment.
  5. Missouri has Cairo, Paris, Mexico, and Houston, off the top of my head. Anyway, interesting phenomenon with the Shearwaters. Pelagic birds are woefully lacking on my lists. I've only seen one, and it was on the beach as an accidental sighting. One of the top birders in my state was with me, and I pointed it out and he was like "You're not supposed to see your first pelagic bird on land." Thus what my birding life is like, though. . .
  6. We binged a bunch of those shows on vacation recently. It was interesting seeing how different they operate in the different states, too. The New Hampshire ones were doing what I'd expect from game wardens. The Texas and Washington ones were more hardcore, with the WA ones pulling people over on the highway for DUI and essentially acting the same as cops.
  7. Yeah, it sure made things a little easier that day. Especially the yellowlegs. Greater and Lesser are super easy to tell apart when they stand next to each other, lol.
  8. For kicks, a comparison shot I found of mine. Least, Pectoral, and Stilt, with bonus Yellowlegs (headless one is Lesser YL, one in back is Greater.)
  9. I have heard that, too, and also have seen it. Sigh.
  10. Agreed. I've seen birds that look just like that. European ones also have a dark chest band I'm not seeing here.
  11. When I have seen them together, the Stilts are noticeably taller. But now you have me second guessing myself, because that bill is long, even though I don't see as much barring on the flanks as I'd want to. I have such a love/hate relationship with sandpipers.
  12. Kinda getting a Vireo vibe from that second bird.
  13. I don't think it's large enough for that. I was thinking Pectoral.
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