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  1. So many Slaty-backs this winter!
  2. Agree with loon, most likely Common, but there has been a Pacific on Lake Lanier recently.
  3. Not this time of year, though. I have my winter tape deck loaded in my head right now.
  4. THAT'S the one I was referring to that I know would feel dumb. 🤦‍♀️
  5. When I have heard Bachmann's, it's been high to low, and this one sounds like it is going the other way. I feel like I KNOW what that is, but can't place it. Like, I'm going to feel dumb when someone reminds me. The one with the magic ear that I know of is @Liam
  6. Agree with Western, since the black completely covers the eye.
  7. Also, Sparrowhawk is a term that used to be used for American Kestrels, not Peregrines. Today, the bird called Sparrowhawk is a European accipiter, similar to our Cooper's and Sharp-shinned Hawks.
  8. You were correct the first time. Red eyes, orange breast and belly, and capped appearance on the head.
  9. Yellowish legs means Least. All the other yellow legged peeps would have other field marks not seen here, like Pectoral would have yellow base to the bill.
  10. This is where even a bad picture can be better than no picture. I know this sounds silly, but could you draw what you remember?
  11. Man, if only there were a shot of the face, then I think we'd know for sure.
  12. Townsend's Warbler in Green Bay, NOVA SCOTIA
  13. Say's Phoebe in Bolivar County, MISSISSIPPI Incidentally, on my birding trip yesterday I got one of the annual Say's that show up in Georgia. We get one or two every winter.
  14. Mountain Bluebird in Ulster County, NEW YORK
  15. The data nerd in me is very tempted to say "Pick me! Pick me!" My brain even already carne up with a color coded system. I'm competitive to a fault, so I would like to see it keep going, but maybe on an optional basis? Like, people who want to compete could message their answers to me, and you just post the quiz and then the answer at the end of the week, leaving you out of the message part entirely? Just thinking out loud.
  16. House. The facial pattern is a lot stronger on the purple, especially on females. Red is too orangey, and brown stripes also rule out purple.
  17. Western Tanager in Indianapolis, INDIANA
  18. I assumed they were Cackling with how big the gulls look in comparison to them.
  19. Well, all juveniles are immature. Lol. My understanding is juvenile is first plumage, and just immature is anything after that, that isn't adult plumage. I don't know if Cooper's Hawks have a plumage in between juvenile and adult.
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