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  1. White eye arcs and wingbar and yellow back = Northern Parula.
  2. "Man, I sure am wired! πŸ˜„" "Stop it, Diane."
  3. Welcome to Whatbird! I have no wisdom here, but can indeed confirm it is in fact a bird! Hopefully someone who knows about wing shape and proportions might offer some insight.
  4. Agree with Hasan. White undertail knocks out OC, and no eyering knocks out Nashville.
  5. And the submission you've all been waiting for. . . .
  6. It's even worse because I just saw Liam earlier this year. πŸ˜‚
  7. I'd say position in trees is not a good reason to discount Acadian. I've seen plenty down low here in Georgia.
  8. Range, also. Not saying that it's 100% impossible for Black Turnstones to show up in Florida, just highly unlikely. I don't think ebird has any records. Texas seems to be the closest one.
  9. Agree with Clip, although in that second flight shot, there's something else there. Don't ask me what, though. πŸ˜‚
  10. The first one is a Semipalmated Plover, I believe. Wilson's have a chunkier bill. The last one is a Willet. Ruddy turnstone is correct! πŸ™‚
  11. Yep, they are very shallow and hold nothing, or even better, they put the seam as decoration. So it looks like there's a pocket there, and there's not. My favorite was a pair of shorts I had that actually had pockets. . .that were sewn shut. Luckily I have a seam ripper and know how to use it.
  12. I saw on your other post this is a new bird for you. If it's anything like my experience, now you'll see them everywhere. Lol. Hopefully in the spring you can see a breeding male. they're really pretty!
  13. The last bird, I *think* the bill is too small for Song. To me it's more along the lines of Chipping or a Bunting or something.
  14. Cape May, methinks. It's a short list of birds with yellow there.
  15. You know, and I don't live super far from Charlie, so if you're coming all this way, might as well make it worth it and do one for me, too!
  16. I'll confirm the Plovers and the Yellowlegs. The one after the Yellowlegs is a Ruddy Turnstone. I think the first bird is a Pectoral Sandpiper.
  17. First is definitely a Double-crested. I'm going to pass on the second bird.
  18. I can confirm that these are in fact. . .ducks of some sort.
  19. That is abnormal behavior. She could call the Department of Natural Resources and see what they say. A friend of mine had one take up residence on their swingset and the bird ended up being ill. I would tell her to go out there and see what the bird does. If it doesn't fly away, then there is definitely a problem.
  20. And another post that's back on topic. The time I accidentally trespassed! I think this was during one of my "big weekends" I did earlier this year. This was in May. I headed to Atlanta first, to hit all the warbler hotspots. (It was a fantastic trip in that respect.) I spent one morning at a park chasing down some rarity, that in retrospect, I can't remember what it was. Didn't find it, despite lots of seasoned birders being there, but did get lifer Canada Warbler, and also 8 other warbler species. The next morning I planned on heading to Kennesaw Mountain. (which was a GREAT morning, 37 species, 9 of which were warblers) I was tired from driving in from Augusta early that morning, but didn't want to head to the hotel yet, so decided to do some hiking that afternoon. Finally settled on one of the National Rec areas on the Chattahoochee river. The East Palisades Unit, to be exact. In the map attached, the parking lot is where the marker for the Indian Trail unit is. I hiked and hiked and hiked. It was a beautiful area, but the birds had quieted down, and I pretty much got squat. At some point, I decided to turn around. Halfway back to the car, I saw a trail branch of to the right and thought "Why not?" There were a lot less people on it, and it was peaceful scenery. I figured at some point it would loop back to the main trail. The trail narrowed, and got a lot harder to follow, but I forged ahead. The sun was starting to set. I was a little concerned, but thought "I'll hit the trail, parking lot, or main road any minute now." I did not, in fact, hit any of those. At some point I finally realized I could see a really big house, and I was essentially in someone's backyard. It was too late to turn around, as the sun was getting low and my phone was dying, so I couldn't use it as a flashlight. I heard a car above me to the left, and figured that had to be the road. It was a steep hill, and I had to pretty much bushwhack straight up it, and finally at the top, I burst onto the road in a sweaty exhausted mess. Luckily there wasn't a car going by right then, but some people did come down the road not too long after. Somehow, I was at least a quarter mile from the parking lot, so I trudged back. At first, I had a small freak out, because when I saw the parking lot, the corner I thought my car was in was empty. (and almost dead phone) Turns out, the parking lot is set up at an angle, so the corner my car was actually in was just hidden from view until I was actually in the lot. I got dinner and went to my hotel and hibernated until morning. The red arrow is the house. (Which if you zoom in on google maps, even has a helipad.) The yellow is where I finally got back on the road.
  21. Absolutely. A bird that looks like a dinosaur and a muppet had a baby.
  22. Ironically, we needed pants like that when my girls were that age, as they were so skinny nothing fit. (My older daughter could still wear toddler clothes in the waist when she was 7, but then of course they were ridiculously short.) But yeah, there should be a range. Leggings AND box cut clothes. And don't even get me started on pockets and women's pants. . . . At least the REI ones have real pockets.
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