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  1. I also boil, because sugar doesn't dissolve for me otherwise. I boil with a kettle, though, because I'm not a heathen. 😂 (Then I measure out the boiled water and add the sugar and stir. Then toss what I don't use in the fridge for the week.)
  2. All it needs is music with a beat! 😂
  3. On my local Audubon group page, someone linked this. They made it sound like hummingbirds.net isn't doing a map on that site this year, and to look at this one instead. https://maps.journeynorth.org/map/?year=2019&map=hummingbird-ruby-throated-first&fbclid=IwAR0NHQ7BcV9twJFKXT997FD0pyxMCRsTwtFiGmgGxYrlL18vte9JvKEibro
  4. Looks good! They have a pretty distinctive head pattern.
  5. I am going to refrain from an ID on this gull, and I'm not saying that's what it is, but I will say there was a Black-tailed Gull in FL a few weeks back. Caused quite the commotion on the ABA Rare page on Facebook.
  6. Agreed. The bill is too long for any of the sparrows. If you look up their calls online, you'll probably start to notice them more. They make a distinctive noise!
  7. Immature birds do lack the red bill. (True juveniles are all brown, as well.) I presume these were taken somewhere like Florida?
  8. This is a chipping, due to the dark line extending onto the lores.
  9. Well. My two cents from the peanut gallery: WhatBird ---News and Announcements ---Forum Help Bird Identification ---Help Me Identify a North American Bird ---Help Me Identify a Bird Outside North America iBird ---iBird ONLY - Help Me Identify a Bird ---iBird Apps - Help and Discus sion ---iBird News Birding ---General Birding Discussion ---Photo Sharing and Discussion ---Birding News and Resources Off Topic ---Quizzes, Contests, and Games ---Other Wildlife ---Off Topic Discussion
  10. I am going to refrain from an actual ID, as I'm bad with western hummers, but I don't think it's a Black-chinned. Many hummers have gorgets that appear dark in the shade. The bright colors are from the light hitting it. (And Black-chinned actually have a purple hue in the light.) If my Easterner self had to guess, Anna's, maybe?
  11. Also, here are the sightings of Peregrines in Vancouver just since New Year's. 🙂
  12. This is actually a Yellow-rumped Warbler. While this version has a yellow throat, it also has the yellow rump and armpits, whereas the Yellow-throated only has a yellow throat.
  13. I keep meaning to go on Gordon to get those. I mean, I'm an active duty soldier's wife, so access isn't a thing. I just don't know exactly where to go, and would feel more comfortable going with someone who knows where they are.
  14. I preferred when we had both. And Aberrant. And PoorMatty. Not to go too off the rails topic-wise, but if we WERE going to bring back other animal subforums, we'd really need psweet for the dragon and butterflies. I remember him being good with those. I also can't remember the name of the reptile guy. . .
  15. I believe it's a White-throated Sparrow. They come in two color morphs, and this might be the tan one, where the head pattern is more subdued.
  16. I will refrain on guessing this bird, but wanted to give it a bump to the top, since it had been buried with no replies.
  17. As an Easterner, I'm not familiar with the species, but after doing some digging, I agree with Bushtit.
  18. I would expect to see chevron shaped spots on a fox sparrow. It definitely has some sort of beak issue. I'm trying to come up with any other possibilities, but I think Song Sparrow might be the best one.
  19. I agree with millipede. You need to find us the Great Cormorant like you did last year! (Although I wouldn't be mad if you found us a Neotropic. I don't see any ebird reports in our area, um, ever.)
  20. Another vote confirming Cooper's, to help you feel more confident about it! 🙂
  21. I've had rotten luck in the field lately, so the other day I went back to my photography roots, and tried to appreciate seeing yet more coots and pied-billed grebes. Lol. Coot by midgetinvasion, on Flickr Grebe by midgetinvasion, on Flickr
  22. Interesting. On Cornell, it doesn't show a red eyebrow for the White-tailed males, so I pulled out my Stokes and it does it just the one plumage, where the picture is tiny and was hard to see. My bad.
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