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  1. The more I look through pictures the more confused I get. Primary length on the wings seems to favor boat-billed more. I really have no idea. And I found this shot from someone's field guide showing left to right Boat-billed, Kiskadee, then Social.
  2. Here's a map from last Spring of when ruby-throats in general started showing up. http://www.hummingbirds.net/map.html
  3. Here in Georgia, there are reports of a few stray hummingbirds already, although I probably won't put mine out for a few more weeks. I've read a lot about the red dye, and there is thinking out there that it may be harming the birds, so I don't take the risk. Homemade is so much cheaper, anyway.
  4. I also vote Cooper's due to the "capped" appearance.
  5. I *think* it's a Kiskadee. I think I see rufous edging to the wings.
  6. THIS. We seriously need a general birding subsection. There's been lots of threads I've wanted to start, but there is nowhere to put them. Like, life lists and birding goals, or about meeting other whatbirders, or a funny book I found. (that is a birding satire book, so doesn't belong under the field guide section.)
  7. Agree with Common. The streaked undertail coverts clinch the id.
  8. I believe so. The only Broad-wingeds I've ever seen were in flight.
  9. There's an overpass near our house that has had a dead Barn Swallow hanging from it for over six months. He got tangled in something attached to the overpass. I'm amazed the body is still there and looks like it did the first day, but also depressed every time I have to drive under that overpass. 😞
  10. Hmm, part of it sounds off, but it almost has an Eastern Phoebe vibe to me.
  11. For what it's worth, I agree with a Thrush. Apparent size of a solitary bird can be highly deceptive.
  12. Man, empids. I will say that eyering is awfully prominent, which it shouldn't be in an Alder.
  13. I didn't want to leave this post hanging. I believe it's one of the Emeralds, but am not experienced enough to narrow it down any more than that.
  14. Agree with White-crowned. And congrats on the flycatcher!
  15. Structurally, it does look good for a blackbird. Possibly a highly leucistic or albino individual. More shots would have helped, particularly of the face, but sometimes you get what you get!
  16. Such sad news, but I know they did everything they could, and it was the right decision.
  17. I would like to formally request a "General Birding" or "Other Birding Topics" subforum. There's been multiple discussions over the past few months I've wanted to start, but cannot, because there isn't a good place for it. Like. . .birding goals for the year, or favorite lifer stories, nemesis birds, or this book I found that is a satirical birding guide. (Which I didn't want to put under the field guide section, because it's not factual.) That just names a few. I've seen other posts from people mentioning the same frustration. Thank you for your consideration! -Meghann
  18. Welcome to the hobby! 61 is great for just two months! At that rate, you might hit 100 before your first year is up!
  19. It definitely is way slower than it used to be. I kept looking at this thread, but I have zero experience with pelagic birds, so I'm of no use!
  20. I am not strong with gulls, but I think it's a Herring, actually.
  21. That does seem like a good match! (and more likely, if Spotted are rare where you are.)
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