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  1. My Stokes lists Juvenile plumages are from Apr-Sept, so I'd imagine that is their breeding season, with July being smack in the middle of that range. 

    Since he was the one that helped with the species restoration, he may not want to give exact specifics. But personally, I'd go when he's going. (Which reminds me, I still need to make time to try to get to the ones that are here.)

  2. As HamRHead can attest, I bird with a light backpack that is purple. I usually don't do light treks, though. My pack has all my snacks and water, plastic bags, my phone, etc. Then I have my camera and binos. 

    I also usually wear a hat. 

    So, if you're ever birding in Georgia, and you see a chick with a ponytail, purple pack, and a light blue hat, come say hi! I have snacks! 😂 (Although I'm also super awkward and shy in person.)

  3. We had siskins here in Georgia for the first time in years. Some people on my local Audubon group were complaining, because they had so many they were emptying the feeders too fast. Lol. The most I've had is 11, I think. They are still here as of today.

    Someone in Georgia last week had a repoll in their yard. Would have loved to have seen it! 

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  4. Skipping the plover, but the hawk, yes that's a RT. I think sometimes they sit in a way it just makes the feathers. . .poofy.

    Thinking some more, I think you're right on the plover, but don't hold me to it. The bill seems on the small side, and the eyebrow is nice and contrasty.

  5. 7 minutes ago, Leviticus Plews said:

    Try this experiment: Boil water, measure, let it cool, measure again.  Might not measure as much the second time.  Just sayin'.

    I would highly doubt any small difference would make enough of an impact on the ratio of sugar and water to worry about.


    Addendum-I make 4 cups (with 1 c sugar) at a time, as that is the amount my favorite measuring cup holds.

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