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  1. It is indeed a warbler! A Yellow-rumped Warbler. Note the yellow armpits, and the yellow rump peeking out from under the wings in the second shot.
  2. The past two days birding I've had Yellow-throated Vireo, Blue-headed Vireo, American Redstart, Prairie Warbler, and Black-throated Warbler. Here they come!
  3. Redstart it is! Every spring, I have to get reacquainted with all these dang warbler calls. Ack!
  4. Beginning and end of the clip. (Among the five jillion cardinals, lol.) Today, Augusta, GA. https://youtu.be/hX60OzVcsXM
  5. Guess you'll have to see what the ebird reviewer says, as there is only one record of a Roseate in the entire state of SC on ebird. . .. ever. Lol. I'm still skeptical, but terns aren't my strong suit.
  6. I vote Cooper's with that pale nape.
  7. Interesting. I hadn't heard of that one. I bet during nesting that would be popular! My daughter saw a hummer last week, so I put a feeder out, and waited and waited. Finally today, she gasped and pointed out another one, so I finally saw it! Nice male Rubythroat checking it out. He didn't stay long, so I bet I need to refresh the nectar.
  8. I read that Roseate don't have the dark trailing edge on the wings that we see in the photos above. Is that accurate?
  9. If you look in the first photo, the ring on the bill is there, it is just very faint.
  10. Waxwing confirmed. Cedar is the most likely, and the undertail looks nice and white, which also points to Cedar. (although there are some historical records of Bohemian!)
  11. Nice weekend! I still don't have Whimbrel or Red Knot.
  12. I need to get back to Jekyll, I haven't been since January or February. I'd like to see what's there now. I've never been to Cumberland! (Still haven't gone to Ft Gordon for the woodpeckers, either.)
  13. WILLLLLLSSSSONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!! Also, HamRHead, Jekyll is another good place for Wilson's Plovers, if you want them for your Georgia list.
  14. I have an idea, but I'm not sure, so. . . .BUMP!
  15. Agree with Barred Owls. We have a pair that nest near our house, and we hear this quite often!
  16. Oh wait, I just noticed there was a second post, where it was resolved as Horned. https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/topic/4301-horned-or-eared-grebe/
  17. I think Horned, but I'm not certain. Try these instead: https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7828/47473423902_f5f216d1a1_m.jpg https://farm8.staticflickr.com/7841/46802497054_fb904eb63e_m.jpg
  18. Double post: https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/topic/4306-joie/
  19. Welcome to Whatbird! Can you give us some more information, like where you saw the bird, what kind of habitat, and the bird's behavior, etc?
  20. TERRIBLE photos, but. . . Merlin 1 by midgetinvasion, on Flickr Merlin 2 by midgetinvasion, on Flickr
  21. I have a guess, but am not certain. Hopefully Mike comes in.
  22. Crested Caracara! Yet another bird I missed out on, because when I lived in Houston I wasn't yet a birder. . . .
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