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  1. SW PA, last Sunday. Sorry, only two shots and I know they are terrible.
  2. Just checking. I knew they were bad, but some people are better at bad photos than others. Thanks for trying.
  3. Any way to tell what this is/these are? Not sure if both of these are the same bird. I was very far away and they are zoomed-in to the nth degree. Only photos. A. B.
  4. Very possible. I have sometimes problems telling what is an animal sound vs bird. I just didn't think squirrels screeched like that.
  5. I was in a sort of swampy wetland area. There was this bird that kept clucking and then it would make a funny screech. I tried to get a recording but it was windy, so there might be a lot of noise in this. DSCN7894b.mp3
  6. 1. Common Yellowthroat? 2. Not sure which sparrow. Might be too hard to tell. 3. Raptor. Only shot. I know it is terrible.
  7. 1. I thought this might be a Red Tailed Hawk, but its head seemed awfully dark.
  8. I apologize if some of these seem over-exposed, the sun was shining directly on the pines these warblers were in. Tried to darken some. 1. Cape May? 2. Pine Warbler? 3. Not sure 4. Unsure. Too much sun. 5. Unsure 6. May be the same as #5, unsure, again Sun too bright 7. Cape May? 8. Not sure
  9. Thanks. Weirdly I tend to be able to tell the difference more easily with the females.
  10. What do you mean by the leading edge of the wing?
  11. That did not help, the website. I cannot tell the difference between a juvenile bald eagle and a golden eagle, other than there is supposed to be some splotchy white on the juvenile bald eagle, and there isn't really white on the photo I have above. Or in the other photos I have.
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