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  1. SW PA, Sunday: 1. Merlin could not identify this warbler. I got 3 pics only: 2. House or Winter Wren? 3. Is there any hope in IDing this?
  2. I wasn't sure. It had a lot of white amidst the red on its chest. There were also bluebirds in the area. It just didn't look very blue.
  3. I can't tell what this is, and it refused to look "at" me or in a helpful direction. Then it flew. This is zoomed in quite a bit, also. Is it identifyable?
  4. I saw two birds of prey flying around each other, I have ideas of what they might be, but I could be wrong. Sorry about the photos, these were very zoomed-in and the only ones I got. 1. American Kestrel? 2. Broad winged or Red Tailed?
  5. 1. What type of merganser? Common or Red-breasted? A. B. 2. Juvenile Tree Swallows?
  6. There has been a rare Cinnamon Teal appearance in Central Pa, and I am just verifying I got a picture (although it was very zoomed in and not great). There were other teals in the same pond and a few other ducks, just trying to make sure I have them straight: 1. Cinnamon Teal 2. Blue Wing Teal female and male 3. Not sure 4. Lastly, just verifying this is a Common Merganser female (SW PA, Yesterday)
  7. SW PA, last Sunday. Sorry, only two shots and I know they are terrible.
  8. Just checking. I knew they were bad, but some people are better at bad photos than others. Thanks for trying.
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