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  1. 1. Type of tern? 2. Bird from behind? Can this be IDed?
  2. Not sure about these, need ID. 1. Is this a Yellow bellied flycatcher? It seems awfully yellow. 2. Some kind of blackbird? Sorry, only shot, I know it isn't great. 3. Is this possibly a cackling goose in front of the Canada goose? Or just a smaller Canada goose?
  3. I am not that great in telling gulls apart, but some of these I think I know and others totally lost on: 1. Greater Black backed Gull? 2. Herring Gull? 3. Not Sure 4. Maybe like the one on the left above? Still don't know. 5. Bonaparte's? Or not a gull? 6. Not sure
  4. Is this a baby Screech Owl? It was found in a parking lot. Animal Services were called. But we took pictures first. SW PA.
  5. Is this a Pine Warbler? Sorry for the poor photo, it was foggy and zoomed in. South Central PA, today.
  6. I was taking pictures of ducks, and only noticed this bird in the background once I started looking at the digital photos. Not sure if he has some Leucistic-ness going on but I wasn't sure if he was an eagle or something else. Just checking, but I think it is an eagle. Because I did not know it was there when I was really zoomed in taking pictures of far-off ducks, I don't have a closer/better picture.
  7. Additional photo for #5 (probably isn't much better):
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