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  1. 1. Flycatcher, maybe least? 2. Broad winged Hawk? Goshawk? Only photo I got.
  2. 1. Type of Flycatcher? 2. Which woodpecker? If it is possible to tell? Wouldn't come out of the brush.
  3. 1. Is there any way to ID this? I am thinking flycatcher, but I could be wrong. Only shot, unfortunately. 2. This I think is an Eastern Phoebe? 3. Juvenile wood ducks?
  4. All of these were taken in a state park. I have never seen a house sparrow there. Birding there for years.
  5. Yellow birds: 1. Tanager? 2. Not Sure same bird: 3. Different bird 4. Warbler? 5. Sparrow?
  6. At a wetlands. South Central PA, today. 1. 2. 3. 4,
  7. Today, South Central PA. 1. Is this a Common Yellowthroat or something else? 2. Not sure what this is, or if it can be IDed from this shot; sorry, only one I got:
  8. I know this is kind of dark, but can it be identified beyond "flycatcher"?
  9. These two birds were circling each other. SW PA, yesterday. 1. 2.
  10. Sound captured in a state park forest: DSCN4474b.mp3
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