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  1. Additional photo for #5 (probably isn't much better):
  2. Some of these I think I know, others not-sure: 1. Cape May Warbler? 2. ??? 3. Lincoln Sparrow? 4. ??? 5. ??? 6. Yellow-rumped Warbler? 7. Olive-sided Flycatcher? [Hard to tell for me, it was darkish and rainy out] 8. Any way to tell?
  3. Is there any way to identify the following birds [they get progressively worse] [may not be the same breed but all I think are warblers]: 1. 2. 3.
  4. That is entirely possible. I have seen orchard orioles in this wetland before.
  5. 1. Type of Swallow - Juvenile maybe? 2, Juvenile Starling? Catbird? 3. This is my only shot. Any way to ID this, or not possible?
  6. Huh. I see them all the time but I have never heard them "say" anything. Thanks.
  7. 1. Thrush type? Only two photos. 2. Is there any way to tell what this is? Bird in a swamp area.
  8. South Central PA, Yesterday: These are all of the same bird:
  9. Merlin seems to be divided on these, and I am very bad at IDing sandpipers: 1. Solitary or Lesser Yellowlegs? 2. Least or Semipalmated? 3. Least or Semipalmated? 4. Not sure 5. Semipalmated? 6. Least?
  10. 1. What kind of Tern? 2. Any way to tell what this is? Only photo.
  11. Ah. You are saying the first sound clip is the blackbird?
  12. The 2nd one has a chirpy bird in the foreground; I do hear Red Winged Blackbirds in the background. I tried to repeat the sound three times, but I did not think the chirpy one in the foreground was a blackbird.
  13. SW PA Yesterday, need sound IDs for 2 birds in a swamp setting: 1. https://soundcloud.com/r-lubert/bird-sound-1a-041623?si=6b3d78cf4a32405788c993148aabbaa6&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing 2. https://soundcloud.com/r-lubert/bird-sound-1b?si=6b3d78cf4a32405788c993148aabbaa6&utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
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