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  1. 1. This bird was flying so high it was a white speck in the sky. I aimed my Nikon P900 at it and this is the best I got: 2. This one got a bit overexposed. Might be a warbler. 3. Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk? 4. Black throated green warbler female? This too was the victim of bad lighting. 5. Field Sparrow? Or other? 6. Juvenile Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird?
  2. 1. Warbler 2. Warbler 3. Warbler 4. Maybe a warbler, maybe a gnatcatcher Not warblers: 5. Eastern Phoebe or Eastern Kingbird? 6. Least flycatcher? 7. Juvenile bluebird? 8. Female or Juvenile Indigo Bunting?
  3. Last Sunday, Central PA. No idea. Juvenile something?
  4. 1. Is this a juvenile sparrow of some sort, or an adult? 2. Flycatcher type?
  5. I have just reported it to eBird. Thank you, extremely grateful.
  6. Anyone want to second? That first would be a lifer.
  7. 1. What kind of gull or tern? Sorry for the quality, had to zoom in quite a bit. 2. Is this a tree swallow with juveniles or tree swallow and northern rough wing swallows?
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