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  1. 1. Cooper's Hawk? 2. Chipping or American Tree sparrow? 3. Crow or Raven?
  2. Seen in Western PA, 11-25-18. Pictures are a bit blurry, sorry.
  3. 1. Is this a Cooper's Hawk? Or other? 2. Hairy or Downy Woodpecker? 3. Don't know, need ID
  4. 1. Fox Sparrow? 2. Sparrow Type? 3. Sparrow type? 4. Is this a thrush and not a sparrow?
  5. 1. Having a hard time telling what this is: 2. Song Sparrow? White Throated? 3. Can't tell, bad photos, not sure if one CAN tell: 4. White crowned sparrow? 5. Hard to see, but Yellow Rumped Warbler? 6. Again, bad photo: 7. Raven or crow?
  6. Western PA, Sunday: 1. White crowned sparrow juvenile? 2. Sparrow type? 3. Lincoln or song sparrow? 4. Bonaparte's gull? Sorry for bad photos. 5. Ruby crowned kinglet? 6. Any way to tell? Sparrow. 7. Another sparrow butt. Any way to tell?
  7. 1. Type of sparrow? 2. Another sparrow. Sorry for the blurry photos, it wouldn't focus. 3. Another sparrow 4. Kinglet? 5. Is there any way to tell what kind of gull or tern this is? 6. Yellow rumped warbler?
  8. Sunday, w. PA: 1. Cape May? Male? 2. Same? Female? 3. Same? Male? 4. Something else? 5. Unsure
  9. Yesterday, W. PA. 1. Tanager or warbler? Or other? 2. Yellow rumped warbler? 3. Black throated green female warbler? Other?
  10. That is entirely possible, a friend of mine had seen some gulls earlier, but wasn't sure what kind.
  11. 1. This bird was flying so high it was a white speck in the sky. I aimed my Nikon P900 at it and this is the best I got: 2. This one got a bit overexposed. Might be a warbler. 3. Juvenile Red Tailed Hawk? 4. Black throated green warbler female? This too was the victim of bad lighting. 5. Field Sparrow? Or other? 6. Juvenile Male Ruby-throated Hummingbird?
  12. 1. Warbler 2. Warbler 3. Warbler 4. Maybe a warbler, maybe a gnatcatcher Not warblers: 5. Eastern Phoebe or Eastern Kingbird? 6. Least flycatcher? 7. Juvenile bluebird? 8. Female or Juvenile Indigo Bunting?
  13. Last Sunday, Central PA. No idea. Juvenile something?
  14. 1. Is this a juvenile sparrow of some sort, or an adult? 2. Flycatcher type?
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