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  1. In a swamp area with a large group of many mixed species: 1. Are both of these female ducks mallards? The one to the right seems much smaller than the one to the left. 2. American Black Duck? Other?
  2. SW PA, Yesterday. 1. Type of grebe? 2. Really zoomed in, is there any way to ID this? 3. Also really zoomed in. First impression is an American Coot, but open for other suggestions.
  3. 1. Type of Flycatcher? 2. Is this able to be IDed from this (the only) photo?
  4. SW PA, Sunday: 1. Merlin could not identify this warbler. I got 3 pics only: 2. House or Winter Wren? 3. Is there any hope in IDing this?
  5. I wasn't sure. It had a lot of white amidst the red on its chest. There were also bluebirds in the area. It just didn't look very blue.
  6. I can't tell what this is, and it refused to look "at" me or in a helpful direction. Then it flew. This is zoomed in quite a bit, also. Is it identifyable?
  7. I saw two birds of prey flying around each other, I have ideas of what they might be, but I could be wrong. Sorry about the photos, these were very zoomed-in and the only ones I got. 1. American Kestrel? 2. Broad winged or Red Tailed?
  8. 1. What type of merganser? Common or Red-breasted? A. B. 2. Juvenile Tree Swallows?
  9. There has been a rare Cinnamon Teal appearance in Central Pa, and I am just verifying I got a picture (although it was very zoomed in and not great). There were other teals in the same pond and a few other ducks, just trying to make sure I have them straight: 1. Cinnamon Teal 2. Blue Wing Teal female and male 3. Not sure 4. Lastly, just verifying this is a Common Merganser female (SW PA, Yesterday)
  10. SW PA, last Sunday. Sorry, only two shots and I know they are terrible.
  11. Just checking. I knew they were bad, but some people are better at bad photos than others. Thanks for trying.
  12. Any way to tell what this is/these are? Not sure if both of these are the same bird. I was very far away and they are zoomed-in to the nth degree. Only photos. A. B.
  13. Very possible. I have sometimes problems telling what is an animal sound vs bird. I just didn't think squirrels screeched like that.
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