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  1. What do you mean by the leading edge of the wing?
  2. That did not help, the website. I cannot tell the difference between a juvenile bald eagle and a golden eagle, other than there is supposed to be some splotchy white on the juvenile bald eagle, and there isn't really white on the photo I have above. Or in the other photos I have.
  3. Merlin says this is a Golden Eagle. I want to be sure before I report it. It would be a lifer if it is one. SW PA, Today.
  4. 1. Not sure which warbler or vireo this is (sorry only shot, it was very early in the morning and kind of dark):
  5. Is there any way to tell what these are? 1. Flew before I could get a 2nd shot: 2. Not the one behind that is obviously a killdeer, but the smaller one in front. It was fairly zoomed-in, not sure if it is possible to ID
  6. When you say "an adult's thumb," I am an adult female and my thumb is 2 inches long. I think you need to be more specific about the size. Men's thumbs can be much bigger.
  7. After a possible rainstorm (I was away at the time), I came back home to find this egg on my porch. I can only think it blew down from maybe the gutter above (the nearest tree is across the street). Or put there by someone or something. Just trying to ID it, I am guessing it isn't viable. It is next to a nickel for size purposes.
  8. 1. I know these are bad photos, but can anyone tell what this is? 2. American Bittern? 3. What sort of flycatcher might this be? 4. Norther Rough-winged swallow? Other?
  9. Most of these I think I am sure of, but just checking: 1. Northern Rough Winged Swallow? 2. Juvenile Starling? 3. Juvenile Bald Eagle? (Sorry, photos zoomed in a lot, and it was rainy out) 4. This gull I am not sure of (sorry for quality, again, rainy out):
  10. Of possibly a cuckoo? It wasn't very photogenic.
  11. I was taking a picture of a killdeer, and saw this smaller bird near it. Is this a plover? or a baby killdeer? South Central PA, today.
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