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  1. Is there any way to tell what these are? 1. Flew before I could get a 2nd shot: 2. Not the one behind that is obviously a killdeer, but the smaller one in front. It was fairly zoomed-in, not sure if it is possible to ID
  2. When you say "an adult's thumb," I am an adult female and my thumb is 2 inches long. I think you need to be more specific about the size. Men's thumbs can be much bigger.
  3. After a possible rainstorm (I was away at the time), I came back home to find this egg on my porch. I can only think it blew down from maybe the gutter above (the nearest tree is across the street). Or put there by someone or something. Just trying to ID it, I am guessing it isn't viable. It is next to a nickel for size purposes.
  4. 1. I know these are bad photos, but can anyone tell what this is? 2. American Bittern? 3. What sort of flycatcher might this be? 4. Norther Rough-winged swallow? Other?
  5. Most of these I think I am sure of, but just checking: 1. Northern Rough Winged Swallow? 2. Juvenile Starling? 3. Juvenile Bald Eagle? (Sorry, photos zoomed in a lot, and it was rainy out) 4. This gull I am not sure of (sorry for quality, again, rainy out):
  6. Of possibly a cuckoo? It wasn't very photogenic.
  7. I was taking a picture of a killdeer, and saw this smaller bird near it. Is this a plover? or a baby killdeer? South Central PA, today.
  8. SW PA, Yesterday: 1. Trumpeter Swan? Sorry for quality, it is zoomed in. 2. Connecticut Warbler? 3. What is this/Not sure/Please ID:
  9. 1. Lesser yellowlegs? 2. Least Sandpiper? 3. Is this Canada Goose a hybrid or just has leucism [sic?] 4. Crow or Raven?
  10. I am aware of how terrible this photo is, but can this be IDed? Taken in SW PA yesterday, in a state park.
  11. The really light-colored wings, I thought. And the location.
  12. SW PA, this past week (sorry for bad pics, only ones):
  13. I did go back to that area a week later, and got several photos of swamp sparrows. Thanks.
  14. #1 is a swishy call #2 is a loud trilly call #3 may be the same bird as #2, loud trilly call #4 is a clucking chukky clicking call
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