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  1. The sound that is most prominent (loudest in the recording). I tried to single out the sound in each that I was trying to identify. Whatever seems to be the main sound. Not the sounds in the background.
  2. I know these photos are terrible, but is this a Rusty Blackbird? SW PA, Yesterday.
  3. Swampy river area, yesterday, SW PA: 1. DSCN1384a.mp3 2. DSCN1384b.mp3 3.DSCN1385a.mp3 4.DSCN1384e.mp3
  4. Yesterday, SW PA, unfortunately both shots were "distant" and the swan was photographed "through brush" so it is a bit blurry. 1. Is this a Trumpeter Swan? Lately at our park there has been one sighted and this one was off by its lonesome with some ducks. I did not see any flocks of Tundra Swans around, and I am aware of the sightings of a lone Trumpeter Swan as of late (saw it elsewhere), but when the lake froze over a lot of birds got displaced from their usual spots. People have been seeing a Trumpeter on and off for months, so I was trying to see if this was it. Best photo, others had the bird diving upside down and you could only see the feet. 2. What type of bird of prey? If possible, I know it is pretty bad. Only shot.
  5. Are both these the same type of swan, or is "A" Tundra and "B" Trumpeter? A. B.
  6. Can't tell what this is, can anyone else? https://flic.kr/p/2kriEF3
  7. Which female scaup? 1. 2. I know this is bad, what type of duck? Only shot.
  8. SW PA, Sunday. I wasn't sure if any of these are identifiable. 1. 2. 3. 4. Green Wing Teal? 5.
  9. Thanks. I was pretty sure that was what it was, but I wanted a second opinion.
  10. Recently where these Tundra Swans were was seen a Trumpeter for a very long time by itself. Then we got a bunch of Tundras in the same area. I want to be sure that amongst the photos I got yesterday, when I report them none are accidentally the Trumpeter (which may or may not still be hanging around). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  11. What can I say. It was dark out. This bird came out of nowhere (well, I was actually standing in a wetland, birding) and I tried to get its picture but my camera did not want to focus due to the darkness (it was really overcast). I was wondering if anyone was good at telling what it could be from the rotten photos I got, and its general shape?
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