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  1. SW PA, Sunday. I wasn't sure if any of these are identifiable. 1. 2. 3. 4. Green Wing Teal? 5.
  2. Thanks. I was pretty sure that was what it was, but I wanted a second opinion.
  3. Recently where these Tundra Swans were was seen a Trumpeter for a very long time by itself. Then we got a bunch of Tundras in the same area. I want to be sure that amongst the photos I got yesterday, when I report them none are accidentally the Trumpeter (which may or may not still be hanging around). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  4. What can I say. It was dark out. This bird came out of nowhere (well, I was actually standing in a wetland, birding) and I tried to get its picture but my camera did not want to focus due to the darkness (it was really overcast). I was wondering if anyone was good at telling what it could be from the rotten photos I got, and its general shape?
  5. Yeah, sorry I just realized I misnumbered those. I tried to fix it. It wouldn't let me, I think I waited too long. Number them how you like.
  6. Sorry if any of these are dark, it was foggy and murky out. 1. Nashville Warbler? 2. Rose Breasted Grosbeak Female? 3. Type of Kinglet? Same bird: 4. Don't know, only shot: 5. Swamp sparrow? Only shot.
  7. 1. Type of warbler? 2. This one might be the same thing, not sure. 3. Are either or both of these Lincoln's Sparrows? A B. 3. Type of Duck? Only shot, spooked it and it flew off. 4. Carolina Wren or Red Breasted Nuthatch or neither? Sorry, it was raining and dark out.
  8. 1. Not sure what it is, but it didn't look like a palm or a yellow-rumped to me.
  9. Ok. Thanks. I sometimes mistake those for warblers.
  10. Need ID, sorry for dark photos, it was murky out:
  11. 1. Type of warbler? 2. Terrible photos, but, any idea? 3. Is this a Snow Goose amongst these Canada Geese?
  12. This one was not very big. Only shot. SW PA. Yesterday.
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