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  1. 1. What is this bird (black with red feet and a yellow bill)? 2. Type of Sandpiper? 3. Fox or Song sparrow?
  2. Still trying to sort out the shorebirds: 1. Lesser Yellowlegs? 2. Least Sandpiper? 3. Solitary Sandpiper?
  3. Still having trouble sorting out sandpipers. 1. Is this a Least? 2. Yellow Legs? Type? 3. Yellow legs, Lesser? 4. Solitary?
  4. Have you compared it to the sound of a Barred owl?
  5. 1. Large bird of prey flew overhead, my picture is terrible because it was really early and dim out. Is there any way to tell what this is? I tried to lighten it the best I could. 2. Philadelphia Vireo? 3. Northern Rough Winged Swallow?
  6. I am under the belief that most if not all of these fall under the Yellowlegs category, but I am not sure whether they are greater or lesser, or if one may not even be one. I am very bad with IDing them, and any helpful hints about how you can tell are appreciated. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  7. 1. Ruby Crowned Kinglet? 2.Bonaparte's Gull? 3. Telling mergansers apart - Which Type? Are the back two the same type as the one in the front? I think the front one is different. 4. Is there any way to tell what this is? Is it a sparrow?
  8. 1. Female Bufflehead? 2. Savannah Sparrow? 3. Type of swallow?
  9. 1. is this a phoebe? It didn't "say" anything, so I wasn't sure. 2. Is there any way to tell if this really zoomed-in on Swan is Tundra or Trumpeter? 3. This is also really zoomed in. Is there any way to tell what the bird on the right is? I know the others are Ring-necked.
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