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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Gotta get that one. Looks like it would be invaluable.
  2. SW PA, yesterday: Trumpeter or Tundra? (seen in large group of swans of over 200 in number at a state park): 1. 2.
  3. Thanks. And thanks for the link to the feather atlas. Did not know there was such a page.
  4. 1. Juvenile Herring gull? 2. ??? 3. This one I tried to clear up but it is still bad:
  5. SW PA, yesterday. Was walking along in a State Park when I found a bunch of feathers (no "body", not sure exactly what happened there).
  6. I was watching Tundra Swans and other waterfowl when three swans landed, while honking, and I could swear theirs was "different", so I made sure I got a few shots of them. Are these Trumpeter or Tundra?
  7. Very possible, there were many around. I am not as good at identifying the females.
  8. SW PA, yesterday. Looking at the two small brown ducks in the front. Is there any way to guess what these might be? They seem a lot smaller than the mallard in the photo.
  9. Unfortunately spooked too easily. Any suggestions? Central PA location/State Park.
  10. SW PA, today: Photographed with owls but I don't think this is an owl.
  11. SW PA, today: 1. Duck: 2. Hawk - Red Tailed?
  12. I was kind of suspicious about #3. It was there early in the morning and when I went back in the afternoon it was "still there" in the exact same spot. Someone needs to get that, it is probably going to throw other people off as well, although I did have to zoom in on it and where it was wasn't exactly easy to retrieve. But someone knows they left it there.
  13. 1. Ring necked Ducks? 2. Wigeon? 3. ? 4. Blue Winged Teal? 5. ? 6. ?
  14. SW PA, Yesterday: 1. Sparrow type? 2. Unsure 3. Hawk Type?
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