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  1. Flying by itself. around 6PM. I have an idea but I don't want to color people's attempts:
  2. Need ID for sounds Bird 1: https://picosong.com/wA9bV https://picosong.com/wA9b8 Bird 2: https://picosong.com/wA9bU Bird 3: https://picosong.com/wA9br
  3. There was a minor kettle of vultures flying around but there were a few birds that were not vultures flying around with them. I think this is all of one bird, but it could be two or three different ones:
  4. Thanks. in #1 it was the Wood Thrush I was trying to identify. #3 the trill was most likely a Northern Parula.
  5. They were all different birds (taken in different areas) I was pretty sure the 4th was a Willow, I had heard one calling in that area. Thanks.
  6. I need IDs for 3 sounds. Recorded in SW PA yesterday (forested area by a lake): 1. https://picosong.com/wh23v 2. https://picosong.com/wh2ny 3. https://picosong.com/wh2n5
  7. The date was given in the subject header. SW PA is the location.
  8. What would explain the pink corners of the beak? Just asking for my knowledge.
  9. Not the high pitched things in front, what is making the steady sound in the background? Taken at a lake near a forest. https://picosong.com/w8MfW
  10. Anyone good at identifying bird shapes from below? Taken in SW PA this morning. They were up in the canopy of a forested area, and it was a bit dark. I tried to lighten as much as possible.
  11. Is this raven a juvenile? It seems to have those little mouth extenders at the sides of its beak:
  12. I wasn't sure. It looked like it had a hind toe and lighter legs.
  13. Thanks. It just sounded clearly like it was saying that.
  14. What bird sounds like it is saying "answer...answer...answer" over and over? Sound clip: https://picosong.com/wQHk8
  15. I keep mentally calling them Ring-billed Ducks myself. I always have to correct myself.
  16. I have an acquaintance who swears he saw recently (in PA) a bird roughly "average bird of prey" size with "three black stripes" i.e., bands or bars, on the underside of its wings running parallel with the body and not along the length of the wing. He did not see the head, and acknowledges it might be any type of bird, not necessarily a bird of prey (he was using that to describe the size), but he did say the wings had "fingers" at the end, much like a lot of birds of prey have (the man is not a normal bird-watcher, but he saw this bird and was hoping I could identify it, but I looked a bit in my books to see if I could see anything close (even at shorebirds that might have large wingspans, and owls and still did not find anything that had striped under-wings with just three big dark stripes parallel to the body. Posting this in the hopes that someone could give a suggestion. Clearly seen in PA, whatever it is; since we are getting close to migration though, could be something just passing through. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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