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  1. I really appreciate all of your comments 🙂I think these kinds of forums are absolutely wonderful for learning and it may sound lame but it's the kindness of strangers taking the time to read, let alone respond, to my inquiry that means so much! I am going to tell my brother now as we are staying with him and my cat was older and quite large but in our 14 years together he has never left my sight more than a few moments...when I'm around. I've heard about other predators and saw a fox 2 nights ago but thought I should learn about this bird since it's an area n which I have very little knowledge. Thanks again!!!!
  2. Good Morning, I am hoping to get any information about this large bird that was perched on my mailbox yesterday and made me wait to get my mail. My cat has been missing over a month and I'm trying to i.d. all possible outcomes :( Plus the bird is pretty fascinating. It was around 3pm Nov 20th and the house is about a block from the Atlantic Ocean. If I can attach the pictures you can see the white and brown mottled chest, yellow legs and talons, dark brown feathers with white lined tips etc. I didn't see the fly pattern. There were also 9 ibis in the yard at the time and I've never seen that many either! Any information would be greatly appreciated! I read about the red tailed hawk and another named with an "S" but there weren't enough pictures for me to understand the lingo etc. Happy Holidays!! Cheers, Becky Elizabeth
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