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  1. @Creeker Wow! A turkey mafia! Thanks for the link. That article answers a lot of my questions.
  2. Thanks! I thought she was a Wild Turkey, but a few people said it couldn't be. I wanted to double-check because I hadn't heard of Wild Turkeys in cities.
  3. I live in Knoxville, TN. The other day a turkey walked up my street, right in the middle of the city. It's an urban area, but the neighborhood has patches of woods here & there. Please let me know if I'm wrong... I think it's a female Wild Turkey. She wandered up the street toward a busy 4-lane thoroughfare. I ran through some nearby yards trying to skirt around and turn her back in the opposite direction. I think I succeeded in the end, but it was hard to be sure. She did turn around, but disappeared into a wooded area. So is she a Wild Turkey? If so, it raises the question: Where are the rest of them? There would have to be a flock somewhere... Attached are a couple of pics & here's a link to a 7 second video clip (MP4) in a Google Drive folder along with some pics extracted from the clip. (I got the MP4 by accidentally turning the camera to video. Originally it was upside down—I had to find an app to flip it over.)
  4. Yay! Good to know that both versions use the same databases. I like the new illustrations so much I downloaded some of them to look at while waiting for the update. Also forwarded your email to a friend who is always on the brink of getting iBird. She'll never be able to resist now
  5. Re. the email announcement & the original post on this forum thread... (I hope I don't sound angry. I'm just confused-- in fact I may still have it wrong. Let me know!) I suggest that you tell us in the main body of the announcement if an update doesn't apply to Android iBird. Android is mentioned in the email as "A Parting Note" at the end of the page, an afterthought down under "The Future of the Field Guide". I didn't see it until I double checked the msg because Google Play didn't have an update. In the original forum post above, there's nothing at all about Android. The new illustrations are fabulous! Will Android v. 8 be the same as Apple v.12? It's not clear whether the Android update will have the same illustrations and features announced for Apple. (I'm assuming that the version number system for Apple is different from Android's.) Just telling you my experience. I love iBird. Oh, and Android rules!
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