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  1. That’s what I was leaning towards, but he looks big in the video, and he was alone. I usually see them in groups running in the surf. That threw me off! Thank you for the speedy reply!!
  2. This little guy came within a foot of my sister at the beach today (Avon, NC — Outer Banks). Can someone identify him? He was alone and just cruising up the beach. IMG_7724.MOV
  3. Well, I was wrong about it being a life, but it’s was good to see after 5 years!
  4. Wow! If that’s the case, it’s a lifer for me, I think. Haven’t birded in quite a while and just managed to see it at my parents’ place. Will go check my list! Thank you for the ID.
  5. IMG_7683.MOV I saw this bird this past Sunday in Bedford County, Virginia. Is it an Eastern Phoebe? For some reason I can’t use the insert image from URL took to work for the video. Or did it? In any case, here’s a link to a Google folder: https://photos.app.goo.gl/wFYJM3fqKtzB43b96
  6. Thanks for all the answers. My sister confirmed that they are House Finches. Not sure where her hubby got Eastern Bluebird fromǃ
  7. That's what I was thinking, but her husband says they are Eastern Bluebirds. Don't they use nest boxes?
  8. My sister sent this picture of baby birds in the wreath on her front door. Can anyone identify them? Taken today in Roanoke, Virginia. Thanks!
  9. Is this a Laughing Gull? Taken in Titusville, FL, February 10, 2018.
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